SEO and Your Staffing Firm WebsiteAre you happy with the results of a keyword search related to your services? On what page does your staffing firm website appear? When was the last time you checked your SEO ranking? Are you keeping a close eye on your website analytics? No matter how long your website has been up and running, no matter when you added responsive design capabilities to it, without an SEO plan, your website runs the risk of not meeting your expectations. In order to get more candidates and attract the attention of new clients you need to take steps to improve your staffing firm website SEO and make sure your site shows up ahead of your competitors’.

Generate Content
In order to draw the attention of clients and candidates, you need content that is relevant to the needs they have, speaks to the services you provide, and speaks of the value you bring to the table. You also need material that covers topics your target audience is interested in. Does the content you distribute serve these goals? Create an editorial calendar and post fresh content on a regular basis. Use your blog to draw the attention of your audience and search engines by publishing material that is relevant and that you update regularly. The more relevant your content is the higher your SEO ranking gets.

Use Keywords
There is no way to improve your staffing firm website SEO without the use of keywords and search phrases. Keep this in mind when you generate content and make sure that before you share it with your audience, you enrich it with keywords that they will use when they search for your services. Review your current content to ensure that it aligns with your SEO goals. From your website pages to the blog posts you upload, it is important that you incorporate phrases that help search sites locate your content. Use backlinks to redirect your visitors to the individual pages you want them to go to and generate new leads.

Recruit your Social Media
Your social media platforms are a great tool to improve your staffing firm website SEO. Create a social media strategy that helps you engage with your audience and boosts traffic to your website. Post open positions on your social media profile and use links to redirect applicants to your website. Share client success stories on your social accounts with links to individual website pages. Create vanity URLs with your company name being part of the URLs and optimize your social media profiles for organic searches. Distribute your weekly blogs on your social media accounts and ask your audience to visit your website for more information. Take advantage of social media to benefit your SEO strategy and website traffic.

Eliminate Errors
When was the last time you went through your website to make sure that everything works properly? Have you recently clicked on links to confirm nothing is broken? Are all the pages laid out the way you designed them or have things changed since your launch day? The technical functionality of your website has a direct impact on your SEO efforts. Error pages or broken links affect the way search engines determine your ranking. Overly keyword stuffed page URLs get lost in the abyss. Check your site on a regular basis to make sure that your efforts to improve your staffing firm website SEO don’t go in vain.

Monitor Analytics
How many visitors did your website have during this month? Is the number consistent or even greater than a month ago? On what page of search results does your company appear when you use an industry-specific keyword? Are you ahead of your competitors or have they found ways to outmatch you? The only way to get answers to questions like these and take necessary actions, is to keep a close eye on metrics. If you do not monitor your website analytics regularly, then you run the risk of losing control of your SEO strategy. Staying on top of information is crucial to improving your staffing firm website SEO, so make sure you allocate the necessary resources towards this goal.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for SEO and Your Staffing Firm Website:

  1. Generate and share new and fresh content relevant to your audience needs
  2. Enrich your content with industry-specific keywords and search phrases
  3. Use your social media platforms to improve your staffing firm website SEO
  4. Review your website frequently to spot and fix mistakes
  5. Monitor your SEO analytics on a regular basis to take necessary actions

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