We all know the tempo that our sales and recruiting teams have each day. They are making a certain number of outbound calls. They are one-off emailing multiple people during the day. They are following up with clients and candidates, attending meetings, and participating in a variety of other activities to make the deal. With that said, the sales and recruiting tempos aren’t very different from the tempo of email marketing (email cadence). The National Sales Executive Association states that 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect and only 10% of salespeople make more than three contacts. Did you know that only 5% of sales are made on the third contact while 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact? You may ask – what does this have to do with email marketing? Well, to be successful in driving candidate and client leads, email marketing must use a cadence (multi-email) approach. Content may be king, but consistency is its queen. Check out the chart below for more details.

The Cadence

Today, there are tools that make marketing automation affordable for all staffing firms. Marketing automation tools are what makes email marketing cadences possible. These tools require you to think about cold leads vs. warm leads vs. current clients differently and also create email campaigns that follow a work flow. The user simply hits “begin” and the campaign runs automatically, providing for a customized approach for each sales person and recruiter as well as measurable return on investment from leaderships. For recommendations on marketing automation, feel free to contact us.

What’s in a message?

While these tools provide the platform to distribute email, you’ll still need to think through the messaging work flow as well as the message itself. What are you saying to your clients and candidates in each email? Do you have an offer? Are you being brief and to the point? Do you have something compelling to say?

Email marketing requires attention to the message, the call to action, and the step-by-step workflow that drives response. Your email marketing needs to hit the pain points and drive your clients and candidates to your team. Be sure to differentiate between your cold prospects, warm leads, and current clients as you engage your email marketing.

What’s in a Call to Action (CTA)?

As you develop your email marketing, your call to action needs to offer the reader a value proposition and something of relevance. Can you build case studies that show your clients your expertise in order for them to see the value you bring? Can you produce a video that shares candidate or client testimonials? Will you feature your referral program to drive candidate acquisition? Your call to action requires you to think like a client or candidate in order to produce relevant and valuable material. Trying to add new internal staff? Videos that demonstrate organizational culture and environment are valuable assets in your call to action arsenal. Financial offers, as well as content offers, provide email recipients with a strong reason to contact you.

We all know the tempo of our sales and recruiting teams. However, when you apply email cadences to them, you increase their bandwidth, drive leads to them, and create a reoccurring process for success. P.S. Don’t forget that the quality of the list of email recipients is almost as important as the cadences themselves. Good luck!

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