Responsive Staffing Firm Websites Propel GrowthLong gone are the days that desktops were the only devices to search and apply for a job. The introduction and wide use of smartphones and tablets has altered the way candidates are looking for positions. Likewise, clients use mobile devices to access a staffing firm’s website. Is your website built with responsive design capabilities? Did you know that search engines give higher SEO rankings to responsive websites? Below, we go over some of the benefits of a responsive website for your staffing firm.

Business on the Go
Is a candidate who just heard about your staffing firm able to go on your website and seamlessly apply for a job with their smartphone? Conservatively, 25% of applicants are coming to staffing firm from mobile devices. How about a client who is about to jump on a plane and wants to resume case study or your information with their tablet? In other words, is your website accessible on the go or is it only accessible using desktops? If it is the latter, then it is time to bring it to the next level. One of the great benefits of a responsive website for your staffing firm is that people have the same user experience regardless of the device they use to reach your site. Your services are available on the go without limitations.

Further Reach
According to reports, the number of individuals who use smartphones and tablets to access a website has been increasing dramatically. Firms with unresponsive websites lose the attention of a huge percentage of individuals who prefer to utilize mobile devices for their needs. If your site is not responsive, then you need to prepare for some tough business times. Instead, you need to make sure that your site allows you to reach out to a wider audience anytime and anywhere. Visibility across devices means more traffic, which means more success.

Increased SEO
If you still wonder about the benefits of a responsive website for your staffing firm then keep in mind that responsive sites are not only favored by mobile users, they are also favored by search engines such as Google. The reason is that responsive design eliminates the need of creating different mobile versions of your website. This means that you maintain only one URL that allows you to better focus on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Having a site that is responsive across devices and with a high SEO ranking makes it easier for search engines to point people your way.

Better Content Management
Having multiple versions of your website, i.e. one for desktops, one for smartphones, one for tablets etc., requires the development and management of content for each one of these versions. If you believe that you can avoid this by simply duplicating content from one site to the other, think again. Duplicating content is seen negatively by Google and, is going to hurt your ranking. One of the many benefits of a responsive website for your staffing firm is that it eliminates the need of extra or duplicate content. You have one website with one copy of content and is consistent across all borders.

Less Time and Cost
Managing multiple sites translates into managing multiple costs. The more versions you have out there, the more time and resources you need to commit in managing them. From content development to SEO campaigns to cost of site management, maintaining more than one site is time consuming and costly. This is where the benefits of a responsive website for your staffing firm are evident. The time needed to build new pages, make changes, increase SEO ranking, support and maintain one website is faster and more inexpensive than doing so with multiple platforms. Building a responsive website allows you to focus your efforts in the success of your company.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways to Responsive Staffing Firm Websites Propel Growth:

  1. A responsive website is accessible on the go
  2. Responsive design allows you to reach out to a wider audience anytime and anywhere
  3. When you build a responsive website you increase your SEO ranking
  4. Having one website eliminates the need for extra or duplicate content
  5. Responsive websites need less time and effort to manage than multiple websites

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