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Social media is a huge part of brand building, and the success of your staffing firm depends on receiving positive feedback and spreading the word to others. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for distributing your content and reaching your target audience, but be careful to stay on top of your accounts. Real-time feedback is essential to making sure that your audience remains engaged. When looking to represent your staffing firm on social media, your goal must be to establish positive relationships with prospective clients and candidates.

Build Your Audience
In order to properly represent your staffing firm on social media, you must build up your audience. Conduct market research to determine where and when to reach out to potential clients and candidates. Encourage candidates to follow you on your social media profiles by holding a social giving campaign. Every time someone new follows your company profile, pledge to donate money to a pre-selected charity. Send out an email to your sales and recruiting managers to let them know what social media posts you have planned for the upcoming week. Ask your team to share your posts with their network in order to build your audience.

Make Them Sit Up and Take Notice
Adhere to an editorial calendar to ensure that you are regularly posting articles that appeal to your target audience. Make them sit up and take notice by rotating your content themes on a regular basis. Don’t forget about your blog article headlines; the more interesting they are, the better your chances are of increasing your readership. Represent your staffing firm on social media by establishing your firm as a thought leader and sharing articles focused on industry trends.

Keep Them Talking
Once you have built up a following on your staffing firm social media profiles, make sure that you are actively engaging them in conversations. Did someone just give you positive feedback on a blog article? Follow-up with a thank you and ask if there are other topics that might be of interest for future articles. Participate in online forums that are related to your niche of the staffing industry. Planning a networking function? Send out posts that entice candidates with details about guest speakers and help to raise interest in the event.

Timing is Everything
Post regular social media updates and monitor ongoing discussions in order to respond to posts in real-time. Choose the same day each week to post your blog article and promote it across all of your social media outlets. Join targeted LinkedIn groups and start discussions that call attention to your articles. Build interest in your staffing firm by promoting older blog articles that are still relevant to the industry. Fill in the gaps between your blog articles by posting repurposed articles written by reliable sources.

Study Your Feedback
The only way to judge your social media success is to study the online feedback and to pay attention to the analytics. Track the number of followers on each of your social media accounts, and determine which efforts result in new followers. Make note of spikes or dips in engagement rates in order to make adjustments to the timing of your social media posts. Represent your staffing firm on social media by tailoring your content and your posting schedule to achieve the best results.

Key Takeaways for Representing Your Staffing Firm on Social Media:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create marketing efforts that are designed to build your social media audience
  2. Rotate your content themes on a regular basis
  3. Actively engage your followers in online conversations
  4. Post regular social media updates and monitor ongoing discussions in order to respond to posts in real-time
  5. Study the online feedback and pay attention to the analytics

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