Research plays an important part in staffing firm marketing decisions. Market Research RiskWho is our ideal target audience and what are the best ways to drive those candidates and clients to our staffing firm? What sets us apart from our competitors and how do we capitalize on those differentiators? Is now the best time to open that new office we have been talking about? Are our current clients and candidates happy with our services or is there room for improvement? It is important to remember that marketing research results are not the only factor considered when making important business decisions. The best business decisions are made after completing a sound market research, considering the current state of the economy, assessing your individual staffing firm, and relying on your management team’s best judgment and experience. While there are some inherent risks associated with marketing research, the potential impact on the long-term success of your staffing firm is far greater if you do not collect information relevant to your niche of the staffing industry.

The Risks of “Too”…
Being cautious is essential for every business owner; however, there is also something to be said for analysis paralysis. Don’t be paralyzed by the perceived roadblocks associated with staffing firm marketing research. Staffing firms, especially smaller organizations, are often under the impression that marketing research is too costly for them to carry out. Management teams fail to devote enough effort into marketing research because they fear it is going to be too time intensive or overly complicated to carry out. If cost is a factor, there are ways to minimize the expense and maximize your ROI on your staffing firm marketing research. If understanding research results is not your forte, then find the right marketing professionals to help interpret the data.

Risks of Primary Research
In order to build a strong foundation for your brand, make sure that all marketing decisions begin with research. Staffing firms who wish to better understand their particular industry niche or gain insight into a specific process, have the option of implementing primary research or relying on secondary research that has been conducted by others. Marketing firms who choose to conduct primary research often have a specific question in mind that they need answered. Whether staffing firms decide to carry out the research themselves or hire a research firm to do it for them, the risks of primary research include choosing the right questions to ask, making sure that proper methods are followed at all times, and identifying the correct target audience to participate in your research.

Risks of Secondary Research
While secondary research is probably going to be your most budget-friendly option, reliability is perhaps the biggest risk associated with these results. It is important to remember that the information you gather was not developed with your specific staffing firm in mind, so the research is more useful for applying to general market trends. When making important business decisions for your staffing firm, you must completely understand all aspects of the secondary research. Market research firms who make their reports available, need to fully disclose where and when the data was obtained and what methods were used to secure and analyze the results. If your intent is to rely solely on secondary research, it is imperative that you refer to multiple sources of information pertaining to the issue you are researching. Never rely on the results supplied by only one source when making major business decisions for your staffing firm.

Tricky Experiments
Market research becomes an important business-planning tool for staffing firms when it is properly planned and executed. There are various methods for gathering relevant information, including executing controlled experiments within a target audience. Market research firms often experiment with different types of media or various webpage layouts, in order to determine which are preferred by the target audience. It is best to leave these types of experiments to seasoned marketing professionals, as strict controls need to be in place in order to ensure the reliability of the data collected. Research objectives have to be clearly identified, and outcome expectations must be realistic. There are many risks associated with marketing research, so don’t add to the mix by experimenting in unfamiliar territory.

Analytics Are Your Friend
The best way to remove the doubt and risks associated with marketing research is to make use of analytical data. Before beginning any form of staffing firm marketing research, sit down and establish specific goals. Decide what you need to find out, and put in place the necessary data collection software to determine whether you are heading in the right direction. Website analytics are a great way to assess whether current marketing efforts are leading you in a positive direction, or whether it is time to change tactics in order to drive your target audience to your site.

Key Takeaways for Removing the Risk from Staffing Firm Marketing Research:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Don’t get confused by the perceived risks associated with market research
  2. Make sure you do your homework before embarking on a primary research project
  3. Relying on secondary research is cost-effective, but comes with inherent risks
  4. Leave the experimentation to seasoned research professionals
  5. Make use of analytical software to remove some of the risks associated with market research

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