COVID has affected everyone in one way or another. From altering workflows, to the heaviest reliance on technology we’ve ever seen, the pandemic has made a lasting impact on how companies run their businesses. And while unemployment in technology has risen from 1%-2.5%, the fact is, there is still a severe lack of talent. So, what does this mean for your staffing firm and your recruiting strategy? We’re glad you asked.

recruitment in the age of covid

Remote Work
It’s no secret that since March, remote work has skyrocketed. While this certainly had its challenges, employees were forced to adapt and find a way to do their jobs from home (if possible). But there are some benefits as well, like no commute time, thus, contrary to what some may presume, has encouraged more productivity. What does this mean for recruiting? What should you be utilizing?

It comes as no surprise that working from home means people are spending more hours online. This means that you should be taking advantage of your social channels. And we don’t just mean “we’re looking for this type of person” types of posts. You need to stand out! Get inventive with your social posts and draw people in. What draws you in? Use that and then start adding what draws other people on your team!

Looking at more specific social channels, are you advertising on LinkedIn? How well are you using it for searching? Are you posting and sharing available jobs? LinkedIn, as you likely already know, is one channel you should be utilizing most. You have the opportunity to connect with the right candidates by filtering your search by specifications such as job title, location, education level, etc. Another way to connect is by creating a LinkedIn group – these groups allow people of similar backgrounds and interests to post and view jobs, network, and more.

And if you’re really looking for fast results and willing to spend some extra cash, you should consider utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter. This software gives you the capability of refining your search down to the nitty gritty details of what you’re looking for in a candidate, and also alerts you when these types of people are searching for jobs or view your profile. Whatever route you choose, make sure you’re utilizing LinkedIn to some capacity, at all times, not just when you’re recruiting during COVID.

What about Facebook?
Are you using Facebook Jobs for recruiting? You may be thinking “Facebook is more of a personal social channel; I don’t want to waste my efforts there.” We’re here to tell you, that mindset is a mistake! Contrary to many people’s belief, Facebook is a great way to find talent, as it has people’s professional information, and – did we mention – its FREE to post on Facebook Jobs right now?

While you may still think that job boards and LinkedIn should be your primary focus, by solely relying on those channels, you may be missing out on passive talent. This means you may not get to reach the people who are not actively searching for a new opportunity but may be open to it if the right one came across them. You’ll get wide candidate reach for free! What more could you ask for? Make sure you start making Facebook a priority when recruiting during COVID if you haven’t already.

Are you hosting your own meetups to draw your own audience? Are you joining meetups of positions that you have a hard time with? Meetups are a great way to give candidates a chance to meet with your team, so they are able to put a face with the company. Similarly, this gives your team a chance to get to know the candidate face-to-face as well.

The goal of meetups isn’t necessarily to network, but to spark conversation about a particular topic, as well as sharing a little about your staffing firm with those who are interested. Meetups allow candidates to get to know your company culture, while giving you both a low-pressure environment to converse and share ideas. Hosting meetups gets your staffing firm name out there and portrays you as a tech leader, so make sure you’re using this strategy to the best of your ability.

Pipelining is no new concept in recruiting, but is it currently part of your strategy? We know – it’s been hot and cold for decades but is has never been more important than today. By sourcing for candidates in specific skills and adding them to your database, you are nurturing your candidate engagement strategy. You may not need them today, but you’ll need them in the future – and when you do, they are right at your fingertips! Every company has different frequent positions. Identify yours, find candidates you have sitting on the side, and launch a “nurture campaign”! This way, you’ve already begun establishing a relationship with them, thus increasing your chances of working together. Additionally, this is a great way to introduce new recruiters to sourcing.

Recruiting during COVID doesn’t have to be a headache – in fact, the pandemic has provided even more opportunities for you to reach the candidates you’re searching for. Do you have other questions about recruiting best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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