What do you want your company name to communicate? What name accurately articulates your company’s mission and goals? Your company name needs to reinforce the key elements of your business. Your company name needs to be strong, but easy for clients to remember. Renaming your company is difficult because at one point someone thought long and hard about the one the company currently has; however, the right company name is crucial. Here are five tips to naming your company.

Does It Stick?
The greatest company names are the ones that seem to stick in your mind – they are easy to remember. Keep brainstorming names, even when you think you have found some possibilities. Keep adding to the list, but give yourself some clear parameters. Do you want something creative or to meet a specific need? The best names stick with you no matter how many times you go back to them. Remember, if a name sticks with you then it is likely going to stick in your client’s minds as well.

Is It Short and Sweet?
When rebranding your company, remember to keep your company name short and simple. Names that are no longer than two syllables are much easier to remember. Often times, companies want to make their names long thinking that they need at least two words to show what kind of business they are. The name of your company is going to be branded on everything including your logo and business cards; therefore, it is crucial that it remains short and sweet, not long and confusing.

Reflection of Company’s Services
Your company name should relate back to your company services. For example, if you are a technology staffing firm, then you want to have familiar industry terms within your name such as, “IT” or “Tech”. Your new company name should not be completely obscure, but a reflection of your business and industry.

Get Creative
Choosing a word that already exists may not separate you from you’re your competitors. Rather, create a word by combining two words making your brand name stand out more and not compete with your competitors. Instead of coining a new word, as part of your branding strategy, you should consider changing the spelling of existing words. Take a risk when coming up with a brand name; however, always be sure to check your brand name to be sure that it isn’t already taken.

Test Your New Name
There are risk factors to consider when rebranding your company and creating a new brand name. You need to make sure that someone hasn’t already bought the rights to that name and remember to test the new URL you want for your website. Conducting a web search before officially changing or creating your company name is essential to avoid any issues in the future.

Five Key Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Test the name to be sure it sticks in your mind
  2. Keep it short and sweet remembering that your company name is going to be branding on all materials
  3. Make sure your name is a reflection of your industry
  4. Instead of only considering words that already exists, create a new word or change the spelling of existing words
  5. Remember to conduct a search before committing to your new name

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