Are you marketing your staffing firm to the best of your ability? Marketing PlanIs your company making use of social media and building your brand among your target audience? If the answer to either question is no, then you need to sit down and assess your efforts. Content marketing is a technique used by businesses that consists of creating and sharing valuable information in order to draw the attention of your target audience. Content marketing helps to establish your staffing firm as an industry influencer and more clearly define what differentiates you within your niche. While there are many reasons why your content marketing efforts may be falling flat, the topics below represent the most common (and easiest to fix) reasons for your lack of content marketing success.

No Comprehensive Strategy
As with any aspect of business, it is imperative that you develop a comprehensive plan that clearly identifies your content marketing goals and planned strategy. What do you want to achieve? Is there a target deadline? What content do you plan on sending out and who is responsible for creating this content? Have you assigned responsibility for the distribution of the content and associated social media posts? Developing a comprehensive strategy is an essential step in order to achieve content marketing success for your staffing firm.

Too Much Oversight
Oversight is definitely needed in the world of social media; however, there is something to be said for too much oversight. Social media requires a certain level of flexibility and the ability to react in real time. If your goal is to achieve content marketing success for your staffing firm, train your team well and establish company-wide expectations for online activity.

Not Sharing the Spotlight
Your target audience is looking for valuable material and content that assists them in their job search and professional training. What they are not looking for is endless promotional posts boasting about your staffing firm. While it is right to be proud of your accomplishments as a company, staffing firm marketing requires you to balance it out by providing lots of valuable content and also sharing the work of others. Repurposing news articles is a great way to build relationships with other organizations and distribute industry-specific content to your audience. Participate in online forums and provide helpful information within those discussions in order to build your brand and boost your content marketing efforts.

Too Set in Your Ways
Don’t be afraid to push the limits with your content marketing strategy. Test out different approaches and investigate new platforms to see where you get the best response from your audience. Send out posts at various times of the day and review the interaction analytics to determine the best time of day to reach your target group. Experiment with different types of content and writing styles to find the best voice for your organization.

Failing to Acknowledge Your Weaknesses
The best way to gain content marketing success for your staffing firm is to acknowledge where you are falling short in your efforts and figure out how to reach your goals. Is your blog in need of some new life? Could your article topics benefit from some fresh ideas or additional online research? Be sure to leverage your team’s knowledge when creating new whitepapers or eBooks and ask your recruiters and sales managers to serve as guest authors for the weekly blog articles.

Key Takeaways for Lack of Content Marketing Success:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Content marketing requires a comprehensive plan and overall goals
  2. Social media requires flexibility and prompt reactions in real time
  3. Failing to share the spotlight with others makes your agency appear self-centered
  4. Don’t be afraid to test different approaches and change up your content marketing efforts
  5. Acknowledge those areas where you are lacking and determine the best way to achieve your content marketing goals

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