We live in the day and age where anyone can do a quick Google search on anything they would like. It is in every business’ best interest to constantly keep tabs on their online reputation. Whether your company is on social media or not, there are many ways people can rate, complain or discuss your company. It’s very important to stay on top of what’s being talked about with your company as a part of your social media strategy and that you stay involved whether the discussions are positive or negative.

Never be Defensive
If someone writes a negative comment about your business, it’s always necessary to take the high road. Never get defensive, but rather agree to disagree. Being deferential with a person who is speaking negatively will reflect back positively on your company for handling the situation in the best way possible. Always taking the high road will keep your online reputation intact, despite what others are saying.

Quick response time
Responding to a comment as quickly as possible is key to maintaining a positive online reputation. When you respond right away to a positive or negative comment about your business, it shows that you listen to your consumers and know what’s happening around your company. Responding to a comment whether it’s negative or positive months later shows your audience that you haven’t been listening and aren’t fully invested in satisfying your consumers.

Conduct Google searches on your company
How often do you type your company name into Google and see what comes up? You should be doing this at least once a month. This is a great way to check your search engine optimization, but to also see what others are saying about your business. If checking routinely isn’t something you think you’ll remember to do, set up Google alerts on your company in order to stay on top of your online and social media reputation.

Check for employee reviews on Glassdoor
Glassdoor is a website where employees rate their experience working for a company. Checking a company out on Glassdoor has become a common way of seeing whether or not a company would be right for a potential client or a potential employee. If your company doesn’t have any reviews up on Glassdoor, create one yourself that will reflect positively on the business.

Check Social Media
Whether or not your company is on social media, it doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about your business on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media outlet, type in a search for your company. See what discussions are or aren’t happening around your business, and who is talking about your business. Social media is a quick and easy way to see who directly is saying what. Use your social media strategy to manage your online reputation.

Five Key Takeaways:
1. Never argue back with a consumer when they are speaking negatively about a service or product, rather agree to disagree and take the high road
2. Stay on top of your online reputation by responding in a timely manner to commentsS.J.Hemley Marketing
3. Conduct quick Google searches as a way to track your online reputation
4. Check review on Glassdoor as a way to see what your employers and clients are saying about your business.
5. Social media platforms are another quick way to search what people are saying about your company and gives you a platform to respond directly to comments

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