marketing strategyThe top staffing firms in the industry didn’t become successful overnight. Success requires hard work, a strong brand image and a comprehensive plan for promoting your staffing services to potential clients and candidates. You must differentiate yourself from the competition and carve out a spot within your staffing niche. Market research and communication with your target audience is required in order to identify their needs and determine whether your marketing message is going to hit the mark. If you are looking to become an industry leader, pay attention to the following points when designing an effective staffing firm marketing strategy.

Believe in your Team
At the heart of every effective staffing firm marketing strategy is a team that is able to work together toward a common goal. By setting your sights on a long-term vision and fostering a productive company culture, you are instilling a strong work ethic and building your company’s brand. Show your team that you believe in them by creating a staff recognition program to reward dedicated employees and acknowledge their accomplishments. Open up the lines of communication by including team members in marketing meetings and taking their feedback into consideration. Keep in mind that the viability of your staffing firm is ultimately in the hands of your team, so it is important that you establish a positive and creative work environment. By surrounding yourself with competent, motivated individuals and making sure that they know you appreciate their efforts, you are one step closer to building a successful staffing firm.

Make a Plan
Now that you have built up a strong team, you must carefully develop a structured marketing strategy plan. Promoting your services requires you to identify a distinct target audience, differentiate your staffing firm from the competition, create solid content and engage with prospective clients and candidates. You must sit down with your team and clearly lay out who you are trying to reach, what your campaign is going to cover, your timeline, where your market is, why your firm is a better choice than others and how you are going to accomplish your goals. Trying to accomplish these tasks without a comprehensive marketing strategy is a recipe for disaster, so be sure to plan out all of your efforts and make sure that your team is actively working toward these same

Campaign Strategy
How many marketing campaigns do you have planned and do you have enough staff to monitor multiple lead generation efforts? What kind of resources have you allocated to your marketing strategy, and is your CFO in agreement with these expenditures? Do you have clearly established target dates and built-in consequences for not achieving those goals? Are there team members who are ready to make immediate adjustments to a campaign that is not yielding an acceptable ROI?  An effective staffing firm marketing strategy not only addresses the who, what, when, where, why and how factors, it also takes into consideration all of the ‘what ifs.’ By planning for these contingencies you are helping to guarantee the success of your staffing firm.

Nurture Your Leads
Once your marketing campaigns have identified potential clients and candidates, it is imperative that there are staff members ready to nurture those leads. By prioritizing your lead pipeline, you are helping to build up your talent pool and guarantee a timely placement process for your clients. Create a dialogue with prospective leads by asking the right questions and individually tailoring the content that you send out. Build your brand and establish your firm as an industry leader by actively participating in online forums and offering helpful advice. Promote your staffing firm services and nurture leads by sponsoring networking events, publishing thought-provoking case studies, and hosting relevant webinars and podcasts.

Define Success
How do you know whether your promotion efforts have been successful? When the campaign comes to a close, how are you going to demonstrate its impact? Collect baseline data before your promotions begin, and closely monitor the data along the way. Does your lead pipeline show an increase in qualified candidates?  Have you contracted with new clients? Are your social media platforms demonstrating a boost in user engagement? Has there been an increase in your website’s SEO ranking? The bottom line is that the only way to truly measure the success of a marketing campaign is through analytical data.

Key Takeaways for Promoting Staffing Services to Potential Clients and Candidates:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Believe in your team and work together toward a common goal
  2. Build a comprehensive marketing strategy
  3. Plan for potential contingencies in your marketing campaign
  4. Assign lead nurturing responsibilities to specific team members
  5. Collect baseline data and carefully analyze your analytics to define success

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