Lead GenerationLead generation is the lifeline of staffing firms, so it is essential that you focus your efforts and fill your talent pool with qualified candidates. Effective communication is needed to guarantee that your entire organization is on the same page and working toward a common goal. Be creative when designing your staffing firm lead generation campaigns and remember to incorporate a variety of marketing mediums. Keep the following points in mind when prioritizing your staffing firm lead generation efforts.

Who Are You Talking To?
It goes without saying that in order to successfully generate leads you need to know who your target audience is. Make use of market research in order to learn as much as possible about who they are and what is important to them. Where are the true decision makers in your industry? What factors are impacting potential candidates and how interested are they in your services? Make use of inbound marketing techniques to attract your target audience and bring them to your website. Once they land on your site, it is the responsibility of your recruiters and sales staff to nurture them and convert them into candidates and clients.

Step by Step
In order to attract potential leads and begin to nurture them through your pipeline, you need to have a solid plan. Work together with your recruiters, sales managers and marketing staff to design a marketing strategy that includes step by step details for your staffing firm lead generation campaigns. For the best results, be sure to integrate all brand-building and content marketing campaigns into one unified effort. Continuity is important, so remember to incorporate similar messages and color-themes to help readers identify with your brand. Meet regularly with your team and hold them accountable for missed deadlines. Likewise, it is important to reward your recruiters and sales staff when they achieve or exceed their established goals.

Get Engaged… with your Audience
Engagement is the key to unlocking your target audience. Leverage your social media profiles and ensure that members of your team are regularly monitoring your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Set up Google Alerts to receive email notifications when users post online about your staffing firm. In order to attract the attention of potential clients and candidates, join industry forums and provide helpful insights or advice when requested. Establish your staffing firm as an industry leader by being responsive to online questions or concerns.

Blog like Your Life Depends on It
One of the greatest ways to draw visitors to your website and stimulate interest in your staffing firm is to write a company blog. Regularly post articles that highlight your services, and be sure to tie in keywords to help boost your SEO ranking. Adhere to an editorial calendar and post your articles on the same day of the week in order to build up a loyal following. The secret to successful staffing firm lead generation efforts is value. What do people want to read about? Could potential candidates benefit from learning about new and innovative services that you are planning to offer? Would clients appreciate learning more about recent legislation that impacts their industry niche? It is imperative that you remember to always add valuable information to every piece of content that you post on your site or promote through your social media profiles.

Measure Your Success
In order to truly qualify and quantify your staffing firm lead generation campaign, you must remember to track your efforts. Website data available through Google Analytics helps staffing firms collect data on specific campaigns and determine whether your message is resulting in new or return traffic. Create unique landing pages for each campaign and be sure to make lead generation forms easy to fill out so that visitors do not drop off your website. Make use of free tools such as those available through SEOBOOK in order to measure whether your efforts are helping you to move up the SEO ladder. Above all, carefully analyze the data you collect and apply those insights wisely. Make critical decisions about whether to change upcoming phases of your current lead generation campaign, and refer back to it when planning future efforts.

Key Takeaways for Prioritizing Your Staffing Firm Lead Generation Efforts:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Use market research in order to learn as much as possible about your target audience
  2. Devise a solid plan for your lead generation efforts and stick to it
  3. Engage with your audience in every possible forum to build your brand and generate leads
  4. Regularly post informative articles to your staffing firm blog
  5. Track your lead generation campaign in order to make insightful decisions on future lead generation efforts

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