Preparing For the Next Staffing Firm TradeshowThe countdown for the next staffing firm tradeshow has started! The logistics have been put together and you have selected your action team. It looks like you have everything under control, but are you really ready for this? Remember that the success of a tradeshow exhibition lies in the results you get out of it. Do you feel confident that you are going to reach the full potential of your attendance? If nothing comes out then you should focus your marketing efforts on other initiatives. Take a look at the tips below on how to prepare for the next staffing firm tradeshow.

Have you been using the same booth again and again? Are you sure it still communicates your brand message and talks to the services you offer? Does it have the visual appeal that intrigues your target audience to stop by and learn more about what you have to offer? If the answer is no, then you need to update your staffing firm’s tradeshow booth. You need to make sure that it is welcoming and exciting and it clearly states what your brand stands for. Use technology such as multimedia displays and video testimonials to increase engagement and avoid overloading your booth with information and graphics that confuse visitors and drive them away.

Another aspect to revisit when you prepare for the next staffing firm tradeshow is your marketing collateral. Remember that attendees need to leave your booth with useful and up-to-date information that help them form a clear picture of your services and brand message. From your printed brochures to your business cards to your case studies, you need to carefully evaluate your materials and ensure that what you get out there is relevant and accurate. In the months before the event, sit down with your team and assess your current collateral. Avoid sharing invalid information that makes you look unprofessional and make your tradeshow collateral work for your staffing firm.

Action Team
Having a booth that intrigues attendees to stop by and find out more about your staffing firm and handing out collateral that complements your brand message are necessary steps as you prepare for the next staffing firm tradeshow, but they are not enough. It is important that your booth staff interacts with attendees and engages in discussions with them. Remember that having a passive approach at tradeshows is not going to sell your staffing firm services. Make it a priority to train your booth team on how to engage with attendees as well as how to talk to your points of differentiation. Explain to them that in order to win new business they need to network throughout the show.

Leads Handling
A common mistake that companies make as they prepare for the next staffing firm tradeshow is forgetting about the aftermath of the event. Keep in mind that the goal of attending is to generate leads that you are going to nurture and hopefully end up doing business with. This requires a tradeshow lead generation plan with a timely follow-up and a solid nurturing process. Work with your booth staff and your sales and recruiting teams in developing a strategy for outreach and follow-up and make sure that everyone understands what they are expected to do. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) program that allows you to realize staffing firm tradeshow opportunities through successful lead nurturing.

Another great way to prepare for the next staffing firm tradeshow is to look to the one before. Did you realize the return on your investment (ROI you anticipated? Did your message talk to your target audience or you need to do more market research to understand their needs? What worked last time and what didn’t produce the results you expected? Did your team follow the action plan and is there room to improve your lead generation and nurturing efforts? Try to get answers from the data you have in hand. If this is your first tradeshow, then try to minimize risks by doing your homework before getting on the exhibition floor.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Preparing For the Next Staffing Firm Tradeshow:

  1. Review your booth to ensure it intrigues attendees to stop by
  2. Assess your marketing collateral to make sure they tell your staffing firm story
  3. Prepare your booth staff on how to network with attendees
  4. Establish and implement a solid lead generation and nurturing plan
  5. Evaluate the data from previous tradeshows to better prepare for future ones

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