The Impact of AI and Automation on Marketing for Staffing

Well, well, well, look who’s decided to let the robots take the wheel in the world of marketing for staffing. Brace yourselves, folks, because the age of AI and automation isn’t just creeping in—it’s kicking down the door and making itself right at home. There is always a negative to every positive and while they […]

The Importance of High-Touch Engagement with Candidates and Clients – Interview with Client Marketing Manager, Moriah DeJacimo

Let’s dive into the bustling world of recruitment and staffing, where “high-touch engagement” isn’t just the latest trend—it’s the cornerstone of building meaningful connections. Ever wonder what this term really means or how you make it work for you, especially when you’re trying to stand out to both eager job seekers and companies desperate for […]

The Intersection of Marketing and Staffing: The Value of Marketing for Staffing Firms

Oh, where do we even begin with the wild romance between marketing and staffing? It’s like they met on a blind date and realized they’re perfect for each other, yet they spend half their time pretending they don’t need each other. Spoiler alert: they do. Desperately. The intersection of marketing and staffing represents a crucial […]

Personal Branding for Recruiters

As a recruiter striving to guide candidates in the fiercely competitive job market, understanding the art of personal branding becomes indispensable. Personal branding is the craft of curating your professional image, showcasing your expertise, and distinguishing yourself from the competition. There are thousands of eager recruiters reaching out to candidates daily trying to poach them […]

Managing Online Reviews: A Reputation Management Guide for Staffing Firms

Oh, the joy of online reviews for staffing firms! It’s that magical space where everyone, from the disgruntled candidate who didn’t quite make the cut to the overjoyed client who found their dream hire, gets to play critic. Managing these digital accolades and gripes is a delightful tightrope walk in the realm of reputation management. […]

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