Is my firm different? Can I tell people how it is different?

We have all seen the differentiators that are not exciting. How you determine your differentiation is one of the toughest things you will do. It is determined by who you want your firm to be and simply put, profitable is not a good differentiator. This is where your process can stand out. This is where […]

Why are they not coming to my booth? The art of tradeshows.

There are many views on the value of tradeshows, conferences and career fairs. The fact is that you can be lost in a crowd and they can be the best thing ever. The difference between a good show and not a good show begins with the show organizers, but then it falls to you and […]

The Generation of Lead Generation. You can do it.

Sales is about reaching an audience one at a time. Marketing is about reaching an audience in masses. This basic tenet is at the foundation of how lead generation provides value. We all know from basic business classes that we should invest in marketing, but the hard part is that we don’t know which marketing […]

Why are we here? Marketing & Sales Strategy driving ROI.

So many years ago, I got into marketing because I loved the idea of building solid brands. Oddly enough, I noticed that brand and ROI were not all that connected in most people’s eyes. Words like pretty pictures had been associated with the brand and for the most part my job within my companies was […]

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