Nurturing Your Staffing Firm LeadsNow what? Your lead generation strategy paid off and your pipeline is filling up with prospects. You generated them, but don’t start celebrating yet. Reports show that the great majority of marketers fail to nurture leads in their system, thus missing out on a huge opportunity to close new business. To ensure your staffing firm doesn’t make the same mistake, you need to have a lead nurturing program in place that allows you to generate more business. Below, we dig into some of the initiatives you can adopt to nurture your staffing firm leads and achieve the results you want.

Establish a Process
You always need to remember that your lead generation efforts are going to produce more business only if you have a lead nurturing strategy in place that is solid and adopted across your company. What happens to leads once they enter your leads pipeline? Do you have a qualification process to identify the hot leads from the cold ones? Who is going to reach out to a prospect from your team and when? In other words, what is your plan to nurture your staffing firm leads? Set clear guidelines and make sure your team is on the same page and follows them seamlessly and at all times. Explain your expectations to them and hold everyone accountable.

Follow up – Timely
You will be surprised to find out how many companies delay dramatically or even fail to follow up with leads after the latter request information or get in touch with them. Don’t let your company be part of that group. Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to timely reach out to and engage with prospects who express interest in your services and products. Make sure that you have specific timelines in place for prompt follow-ups and avoid unreasonable expectations that add to your sales teams’ workload. Don’t let leads fall through the cracks simply because your team failed to get back to them.

Use Multiple ways
When it comes to lead nurturing keep this in mind; attacking from all directions is the best strategy for successful results. Sending a generic email to your database of contacts, or mailing out your collateral every 6 months is not going to do much. In order to meet your expectations, you need to nurture your staffing firm leads by using a multifaceted approach. For example, in addition to your email marketing campaigns, share valuable content on your website, engage with prospects on social media, post industry related blogs and have a presence in forums and conferences. The more ways you use the more breakthroughs you are going to have.

Give a Personal Tone
Reports show that when marketing initiatives have a generic tone of approach then recipients tend to show low levels of interest and engagement. On the other hand, when a more personal tone is given, then the rate of engagement grows significantly. In order to effectively nurture your staffing firm leads, you need to make sure that you deliver the right marketing message to the right audience. For example, by giving your email campaigns a more personalized pitch, you increase the chances of people opening your emails and interacting with you.

Measure Effectiveness
The only way to know whether your efforts to nurture your staffing firm leads work is to measure their effectiveness. How long does it take you to convert a lead to a real opportunity? How many leads fell through the cracks and what steps do you need to take to reduce this number? Do you have a process in place that allows you to track the progress of your nurturing strategy? Make it a priority to use a CRM system that allows you to collect crucial information and helps you stay on top of your efforts. If this is something that is out of your budget limits, then implement an internal methodology that adequately paints the picture of your actions.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Nurturing Your Staffing Firm Leads:

  1. Put it place a qualification process that helps you identify solid leads
  2. Make sure you follow up with your leads in a timely manner
  3. Use a multi-channel approach to reach out to your audience
  4. Give your marketing initiatives a more personal tone
  5. Make it a priority to collect information that shows you the progress of your lead nurturing efforts

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