Market Research and AnalysisWhen it comes to staffing, the truth lies in the numbers. How many open positions do your clients have? How long does it take for your staffing firm to successfully fill those openings? How many candidates do you have in your talent pool? Are you satisfied with your placement rates? What is your track record on qualifying prospective leads and successfully funneling them through your pipeline? How has your SEO ranking changed over time? In order to get the most out of your marketing and recruiting efforts, you must pay close attention to your staffing firm analytical data.

Learn from the Past
If your goal is to add candidates to your talent pool and grow your client base, it is imperative that you collect and analyze historical data. What marketing efforts have resulted in positive growth for your staffing firm? Use that information to design future campaigns. Where are the typical peaks and valleys in your annual recruiting efforts? Work with your sales and recruiting teams to figure out ways to even out those periods. Have your lead follow-up timelines resulted in qualified leads being successfully converted into new business for your staffing firm? Adjust your nurturing goals and communicate these expectations to your team in order to realize ROI.

Look to the Future
Predictive analytics are one of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the staffing industry. Staffing firm analytical data that helps to identify future trends allows you to adapt your business practices and ensure that you are positioning your firm to out-perform your competition. Are clients looking for updated qualifications? Consider hosting training sessions where candidates are able to complete certification courses. Meet with your sales and recruiting teams to identify areas where you are lacking, and work together to strengthen and expand your staffing firm services.

Your Website by the Numbers
Do you routinely conduct online searches to see how your website ranks in comparison to your competition? Are you actively monitoring the analytics programs that are running behind the scenes of your website? Your website is a pivotal source of staffing firm analytical data, and it is essential that you make use of this information to make adjustments to your site. If you find that your SEO is declining, take the time to get to the bottom of the issue. Are users searching from mobile devices? If your staffing firm website is not responsive, search engines are going to penalize your SEO. If your analytics programs show that users are dropping off, try to analyze why this is happening. Is there a broken link that you need to fix? Do you need to update your keywords or make your landing pages more informative? Monitor and respect what your website analytics are telling you.

Job Postings
Is your job search function user-friendly? Have you assigned staff members to routinely monitor the open requisitions and track your time-to-fill rates? Is there room for improvement when it comes to writing the actual job descriptions or designing your online application process? Job descriptions must always be kept up-to-date, and your application function must be easy to access and complete. Applicants are not going to respond to job descriptions that are filled with typos or are poorly written. Drop off rates are sure to increase if the apply now function on your website requires applicants to fill out page after page of information. Keep in mind that the easier it is for them to apply, the more apt they are to complete the process.

Who’s Following Who?
The ever-expanding social media arena allows staffing firms to reach out to prospective clients and candidates, and with each new platform comes an analytics program designed to help businesses track their target market. Social media analytical data provides the information needed to design marketing campaigns, monitor industry trends, and determine what issues are important to your audience. What types of articles tend to get shared and liked by followers? Do eye-catching images make a difference in your engagement rates? Does the time of day that you post your company blog articles impact the amount of user interaction? In order to truly understand your target audience, you must carefully monitor your social media analytical data.

Key Takeaways to Numbers Don’t Lie – Rely on your Analytical Data:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Collect and analyze historical analytics to learn from the past and prepare for the future
  2. Make use of predictive analytics to ensure the viability of your staffing firm
  3. Conduct online searches and analyze website data to determine where changes need to be
  4. Collect data pertinent to your job postings and use it to improve your offerings and time-to-fill rates
  5. Carefully monitor your social media analytical data

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