Search engine optimization. We know it, we use it, we love it. We’ve discussed several times before how important SEO is for your staffing firm marketing strategy and that it should never be overlooked. SEO is something you should always be aware of, as it is constantly evolving. Like everything digital, SEO has been improving and updating recently. Have you heard of the May 2020 Core Update? Do you know what this means for your SEO? Continue reading to find out more trends in SEO.

Google Algorithm Updates
Google is known to update its search engine algorithm many times a year. Although each update brings some uncertainty to the future of SEO efforts, it’s bringing us one step closer to making the search experience easier. Google just recently launched their May 2020 Core Update in June. This update, like all Google core updates, improves the way their system assesses content. With this update, many search engine rankings are subject to change. Google assures us that if your experiencing a drop in your search engine ranking after the update, it does not mean there is something wrong in your content. However, they provide many tips to ensure your website has the best quality content and user experience for the algorithm. This includes:

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  • Posting original information and research
  • Headlines are descriptive of the content
  • Written professionally and knowledgeably
  • Lacks grammatical and stylistic issues
  • Responsive across all devices
  • Provides substantial value to readers
  • Deems trustworthy to website visitors
  • Originality across articles and webpages

It’s important that you review all of your content to make sure they follow these points. We also recommend that you have other trustworthy peers to review as well. The more eyes reviewing, the better.

Google’s algorithm updates frequently; therefore, it’s vital to stay on top of your SEO efforts.

Trends in SEO to be Aware of based on Google’s new update
1. High quality content
Okay, we understand that this has been an on-going “trend” in SEO since the beginning of time, but it’s so important that we need to say it again. Your website content makes or breaks your SEO efforts. Your website needs to contain content that is relevant to your audience and provides them the information they need. This involves understanding who your audience is and how they search for things, understanding the questions they have, and knowing how you are able to answer these questions.

2. User Experience
A trend in SEO everyone should focus on is UX. This includes the overall all experience visitors have upon entering your website. Do you have quality navigation? Are your landing pages organized and provide valuable information? Analyze your website and discuss with your team about how users can have the best experience on your site all while gaining the value your staffing firm provides.

3. Responsiveness
It’s known that if your website is responsive, it ranks significantly better than a website that is unresponsive. For clarity, having a responsive website means that your site is compatible across all devices. More specifically, having your website mobile is very important. In this digital age, people are able to quickly search for anything right on their smartphones. The Search Engine Journal even states that for website to survive in 2020, it needs to be mobile. The ability for your site to look great on mobile devices positively increases your SEO efforts.

4. Keywords
Having keywords across all of your content allows you to be found in search engines. Create a list of keywords associated with your staffing firm and implement throughout your website. For optimal SEO results, use a specific keyword 3-5 times per page, but remember not to duplicate the same keyword on other pages. This decreases your chance of a higher ranking. Think about what your potential leads would search for and implement those words to your content. For more information on selecting keywords, check out this blog.
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It’s important to always keep up with trends, especially trends in SEO. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, which has lasting effects on prior SEO efforts. Take these updates into consideration and always keep SEO at the forefront of your marketing strategy. For more tips on SEO, give us a call. Good luck out there.

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