Every staffing firm marketing strategy is different, but there are some assets that most organizations use: social media marketing, a responsive up-to-date website, email campaigns, etc. But what are some assets you might not be utilizing that are essential to increasing your success? We’re here to spill the tea to help you level up your marketing game.

Free is your friend
Who doesn’t love a free offering? One way to stand out from the crowd is by offering lots of free content – make note that free shouldn’t mean less valuable. Whether this is free downloadable e-books, hiring guides, or panel discussions, you should be creating high quality content that is accessible to all with a click of a button (and maybe inputting an email address). Free deliverables give your audience a chance to see what you offer with no risk to them. This in turn cultivates trust and establishes your firm in the minds of your audience, increasing their likelihood of working with you now or in the future. The more value you’re able to provide, the better!

Utilize press releases
Press releases are a huge asset to your organization and should be high on your list when it comes to your staffing firm marketing strategy. Not only do they allow you to highlight company news or awards you’ve received, but it gets this information to the right audience. Other benefits include affordability, potential web traffic increase, and even potential sales. You always want to take advantage of utilizing any medium that is able to get your staffing firm’s name out there, while also showcasing valuable information to boost your brand reputation.

Blogging is still in!
A common mistake we see often is organizations either neglecting or not even taking the time to set up or maintain a blog on their website at all. Consistent blogging is an easy way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. While many may think this is a time-consuming task that may reap little to no benefits, 77% of internet users read blogs (Connell, 2022). These articles don’t have to be lengthy novels either – a best practice is to keep them between 600-1,000 words depending on the topic. This gives you enough content for optimal SEO on your site as well.
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And you don’t have to be a writer, either! Interview a subject matter expert, or even do your own research. Read others blogs to understand the tone that should be utilized to best represent your staffing firm as well.

Are you utilizing any of these essentials in your current staffing firm marketing strategy? Need help getting started? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other social media tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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