Social MediaIt’s time to get social! If your marketing plan does not currently include a social media outreach component, then it is time to revamp your marketing plan. Simply creating company profile pages on social media platforms is not going to get the job done. Successful social media outreach requires creative content production that translates to a loyal following and ongoing user engagement. In order to make the most of social media platforms and attract the attention of potential clients and candidates, staffing firms must approach social media with lead generation in mind.

Tell Your Story
When it comes to social media, your goal is to market your staffing firm and encourage engagement with your target audience. In order to generate interest in your staffing firm and boost your website’s SEO ranking, it is important to produce high-quality, informative content that draws visitors to your site. Work with your sales and recruiting teams to come up with blog titles that capitalize on their collective knowledge and experience. Create an editorial calendar and be sure to adhere to specific categories so that your articles highlight your services and tell your staffing story.

Unified Front
Take a look at your social media company pages. What do they say about your staffing firm? Do they clearly feature your strengths and show visitors what niche of the staffing industry you specialize in? Is your logo identifiable across all platforms and does the overall theme mirror your website layout? In order to build your brand and make the most of social media platforms, it is important to present a unified front across all of your company profiles. Encourage your team members to share your daily posts with their personal networks, as a way to help increase your number of social media followers.

Engaging Content
In order to truly make the most of social media platforms, you need to consistently engage with your target audience. Allow visitors to gain insight into your company culture with updates on company initiatives and team goals. Encourage candidates to apply by frequently posting open positions and highlighting your client’s accomplishments. Link back to informative content on your company website and provide users with the ability to access your ‘Apply Now’ page in order to drive engagement and boost your website’s SEO ranking. Promptly reply to any questions or concerns posted to your social media pages to ensure that new visitors turn into return visitors.

The Top Three
Although there are many different types of social media sites, recruiters have long acknowledged the networking and engagement benefits of being visible on the top three social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are most often used by recruiters for searching out potential clients and engaging with skilled applicants, but in order to make the most of social media platforms you must actively participate in ongoing discussions. These top three sites offer targeted groups or list capabilities that allow you to connect with users who share particular interests and skillsets. Once you have decided which social media platforms best serve the needs of your staffing firm, it is essential that you work with your team to ensure that your company profiles are routinely updated and closely monitored.

Cast a Wider Net
If you are looking to cast a wider net and gain insight into a candidate’s strengths, there are many other specialized social media platforms to familiarize yourself with. Do you feel like you have run out of options on LinkedIn? Consider connecting with professionals on Beyond and posting your open requisitions in this new forum. Trying to decide which photographers are a good fit for your client’s open requisition? Check out their Instagram pages in order to determine whether their abilities are on target with the requirements listed for the position. Searching for coders and developers? Check out their skills on GitHub. If designers are your target audience, see whether they have posted examples of their work on Dribbble.

Key Takeaways for Making the Most Out of Social Media Platforms:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create blog categories so that your articles highlight your services and tell your staffing story
  2. Present a unified front across all of your company’s social media profiles
  3. Post open positions and informative content in order to encourage engagement with your target audience
  4. Ensure that your staffing firm is active on the top three social media recruiting sites
  5. Look beyond the bigger platforms to discover specialized social media sites

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