Are you tired of seeing your competitors’ business flourish while your leads continue to decline? Staffing Firm DifferentiationDo you feel that your services are superior to others in the industry, but don’t know how to communicate that to your target audience? While it is impossible for your firm to be the best in every niche of the staffing industry, it is definitely possible for you to shine in a few specific areas. How are you fulfilling the needs of your clients and candidates, and how are your competitors missing the mark? Differentiation is the key to marketing your staffing firm and making sure that your services stand out from the crowd.

Hit the Ground Running
Stay ahead of the game and make sure that your staffing firm differentiation efforts are successful by taking the time to lay out a comprehensive marketing plan. Never jump into a differentiation campaign half-heartedly and hope for the best. Gather together your most talented staff and ask them to list your strengths as a staffing firm. Get their insights into your clients and candidates and determine what they feel is most important to your target audience. Design a message that clearly speaks to individuals within this limited market and remember to highlight the areas where you excel.

Get Informed
Market research always adds value to your staffing firm. Learn what makes your clients and candidates tick by hiring a market research firm or conducting your own surveys. Focus your attention on identifying and carving out your niche of the staffing industry in order to target the best clients and candidates. Study your candidate profiles and build a persona that allows your marketing team to better identify with your staffing firm clientele. By ensuring that you have better insight into the market than your competitors, clients feel confident that you are not going to waste their time by sending them unqualified applicants. Secure faster placements and demonstrate your staffing firm differentiation by using market research to anticipate the needs of your clients and candidates.

Back to Basics
Before you get too carried away with trying to identify those unique things that set you apart from your competitors, remember that you must start by delivering the basic staffing services every single time. When your target audience associates your staffing firm with service excellence, they are sure to reward your staffing firm with glowing reviews and recommendations.  Require from your staff to participate in ongoing training to ensure that they are well versed on the market trends and are prepared to better serve your clients and candidates.

Value Counts
Are you missing out on an opportunity to provide more valuable services for your clients? Interview current customers and learn about their hiring process to see where you are able to help ease their pain. Consider initiating a background screening program so that your clients have one less thing to worry about. Are your clients looking to hire programmers who possess a specific skillset? Conduct assessments that are representative of a candidate’s talents and forward the results to prospective hiring managers to demonstrate an applicant’s abilities.

Build Your Brand… and your Client’s Brand
Brand building is an essential part of staffing firm differentiation and it never hurts if you also help to build your clients’ brands at the same time. Promote your client’s brand by featuring their logo on your website and on candidate emails. Host networking events and market your services and your clients’ companies to prospective talent. Join professional organizations and online forums that are frequented by your target audience, and contribute frequently in order to establish your staffing firm as a thought leader.

Key Takeaways to Make Your Staffing Firm Stand Out:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Lay out a comprehensive marketing plan that encompasses your staffing firm differentiation efforts
  2. Conduct market research that enables your team to become more informed about your target audience
  3. Guarantee high quality service, even when delivering the basics
  4. Find ways to ease your clients’ pain and remove some of the heavy lifting from their hiring process
  5. Focus on brand building efforts to make your staffing firm stand out

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