Now more than ever before, the online reputation of your staffing firm is directly tied into your long-term viability. Who What WhereClients want to do business with great firms and candidates are looking to sign on with respected agencies. Your staffing firm’s online reputation affects your ability to attract new clients and to retain your current clients. It also affects your ability to attract qualified candidates interested in consulting with your company. Don’t take any chances with negative feedback or an inadequate social media status. Take control of your staffing firm’s online reputation with these helpful tips.

Manage Your Online Footprint
To be competitive in the digital age, staffing firms must maintain a user-friendly webpage, blog, Twitter feed and be active on the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles. Relying on unqualified individuals to produce social media content often results in a disjointed online footprint for your staffing firm. The most successful staffing firms enlist the help of marketing firms with experience in these areas so their recruiters are able to remain focused on attracting top candidates and filling client contracts.

Review Your Online Reputation
Periodically run the name of your business through a search engine or set up Google and Yahoo alerts for your staffing firm’s name to keep track of new information that appears online. Your potential clients and candidates are making determinations on whether to join forces with you based on what they find online, so make sure you are taking control of your staffing firm’s online reputation by monitoring both the good and bad feedback as well as any inaccurate information circulating online. Any concerns raised on social media platforms require an immediate response so potential clients and candidates understand that you are responsive to their needs.

Register Your Staffing Firm’s Username
Your staffing firm’s name belongs to your company so make sure your company’s website URL directly mirrors your actual business name ( Register one or more domain names that include your company’s name, and register your company’s name as a username on major social networking platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Registering your company’s domain name allows potential clients and candidates to easily locate your website.

Leverage Available Social Media Platforms
Social media platforms are an essential part of taking control of your staffing firm’s online reputation. Create your best online impression by using social media to initiate conversations, post news and blog entries, repurpose relevant articles and build your presence within industry-specific groups. Social media allows your staffing firm to connect with leaders in your field and build an audience of potential candidates. Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings for each social media platform and control what company and brand information is available to various networking groups.

Create Compelling Content
Online chatter about your company does not always translate into successful marketing efforts. Positive, accurate feedback that is relevant to your company bolsters your online reputation but you must carefully monitor any complaints or negative reviews. Enhance your SEO and ensure that your staffing firm’s website, company news and positive reviews dominate the first page of search engine results. Create your own content to push any offending content further down in the search results. A strong online presence is essential to how clients and candidates view your staffing firm so evaluate your website to guarantee that your brand messaging clearly illustrates your services.

5 Key Takeaways to Take Control of Your Staffing Firm’s Online Reputation:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Contract with a reputable marketing firm to manage your online footprint
  2. Monitor all new online content and ensure your staffing firm is proactive regarding any negative feedback
  3. Register a domain name containing your staffing firm’s name to allow for easy recognition
  4. Utilize social media platforms to enhance you firm’s online reputation
  5. Increase your SEO by creating compelling content that speaks to the strengths of your staffing firm

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