If you build a company Facebook page “likes” are going to come, right? Wrong. It takes more than just creating a Facebook company page and posting content once a week; rather you need to be consistently proactive and think of creative ways to generate more “likes”. Through trying various creative ideas and keeping track of the analytics, you are able to see what is working and what isn’t. Here are five certain ways to increase your company’s Facebook likes.

Social Plugin Buttons
Add Facebook “like” buttons where ever possible from your website to your blog to even your other social media profiles. Creating social sharing buttons provides visitors with an easy and convenient way to directly go to your Facebook page. Through social sharing buttons you are giving readers the ability to interact with Facebook by sharing valuable content right from your site. Remember to also add your Facebook page URL on your other social media platforms as another way for viewers to link content through various platforms to increase lead generation for staffing firms.

Use Call-to-Actions
You are already posting valuable content, but getting a viewer to read that content is what is going to cause them to share that content and increase your “likes”. Just as you would for an advertisement, use call-to-action words when posting and sound enthusiastic; explanation points have proven to be eye-catching for readers. Within your posts include call-to-action words such as, “read this great article” to direct the viewer to click and read your content to increase lead generation results for staffing firms.

Reward for Likes
Place a simple roadblock for your viewer by asking them to “like” your company Facebook page before moving forward. For example, if you have a company eBook on your website, block viewers from viewing the eBook before they “like” your Facebook page. More times than not, viewers are going to “like” your page to get to what they are looking for. Although this is a great way to increase your company’s Facebook likes, only using this in one or two different places; creating too many of these road blocks are going to drive away potential leads.

Include Facebook Email Signature
Social media is consistently growing; however, businesses are still using email as their primary form of communication. Setting up a clickable link in your email signature provides the recipient with direct access to your company Facebook page while giving them the opportunity to obtain additional details about your company. This is a sure way to increase your company’s Facebook likes and increase lead generation for staffing firms.

Facebook Ads
Facebook has made it very simple and inexpensive for users to create highly targeted ads. Facebook ads are one of the fastest ways for businesses to increase their company’s Facebook “likes”. From gender to geography, businesses target their audience to receive quality “likes” that turn into qualitative leads.

Five Key Takeaways to Increasing Your Company Facebook Likes:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Include social share buttons on all of your business content from your website to your company blog
  2. Call-to-action buttons entice your viewer to click on the link and read your content, which increases your chances of that content being shared.
  3. Reward viewers by revealing content that they do not see before liking your company page
  4. Add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature
  5. Create highly targeted Facebook ads to quickly increase your “likes” from your target audience

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