Leading Leads to Your Staffing Firm Pipeline FunnelWithout solid leads, your company won’t survive. Leads are the lifeline of every staffing firm that wants to outpace competition and see itself make it to the next level. But, leads don’t just fall out of the sky and into your pipeline. You have to generate them by speaking to the needs of your audience and by conveying a message that shows the value your staffing firm brings to the table. Knowing your target audience, facilitating their communication and user experience, stimulating their interest, and tracking the progress of your outreach efforts are some of the key points that your staffing firm lead generation strategy needs to take into account.

Set the Bar
The first step to take with your staffing firm lead generation is to set up the right goals and expectations and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Are you reaching out to the right audience based on your niche within the industry? Is your pipeline experiencing the growth you anticipate? How many leads do you want to close by the end of the quarter? Who and when is going to follow up and qualify a new lead after it comes in? You need to know the answers to these questions before you initiate your lead generation campaigns in order to meet your expectations. Remember that the more leads you manage to convert, the more you increase your company’s ROI.

Help Them Get In Touch
Gone are the days that desktop computers were the only means to access a website. Today, clients and candidates utilize and depend more and more on their mobile devices. For example, applicants use their tablets to apply for jobs and clients use their phones to visit staffing firm websites to discover more about services. This is something that your staffing firm lead generation strategy has to have at its center. If your email marketing campaign is not mobile-friendly or your website is not accessible for mobile devices, then your lead generation efforts won’t have the results you want. Make it easy and seamless for leads to get in touch with you.

Engage Your Audience
In order to see your pipeline funnel fill up with leads, you need to make sure that your staffing firm lead generation efforts stimulate the interest of your audience. Individualizing marketing materials and including calls-to-action that intrigue your target audience to take action are great ways to increase response rates. Create gated content (content blocked from reaching without completing a small form) to attract new visitors and have them share their information with you. Make sure that you regularly monitor and optimize the landing pages or web forms that your lead campaigns direct your users to in order to avoid errors and offer a seamless user experience.

Use Your Social Media Arsenal
Your social media accounts are a great place to engage with your target audience and generate new leads. Are you planning to host a webinar? Do you want your company to be seen as an industry leader by initiating and engaging in industry related discussions? Do you want to share new content and attract the attention of potential clients and candidates? Your social media profiles give you the opportunity to take initiatives like these and promote lead nurturing. Get together with your team to ensure that they regularly monitor your accounts and they respond to posts and comments in a timely manner.

Measure Results
The only way to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts is to monitor the results of your efforts. Are your prospects clicking on your call-to-action buttons included in your email marketing campaigns? Are your blogs paying off by redirecting readers to your “apply now“ page? Which pages of your website attract more visitors and which ones need a makeover? Use Google Analytics to get answers to questions like these and determine what works and what doesn’t. The deeper you get into your analytics, the more successful your lead nurturing and lead generation is going to be.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Leading Leads to Your Staffing Firm Pipeline Funnel:

  1. Plan your lead generation efforts according your goals and expectations
  2. Make sure that your target audience is able to reach out to you seamlessly
  3. Find ways to engage with your audience and generate leads
  4. Employ your social media platforms to attract more leads
  5. Monitor your analytics to optimize your lead generation strategy

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