Lead generation is essential to the viability of your staffing firm.Lead Funnel The ultimate goal of a lead generation campaign is to attract your target audience and drive ROI. In order to bring in new business and stimulate your sales pipeline, you must peak people’s interest by highlighting what differentiates your staffing firm from the rest of the industry. Check out these additional lead generation tips for your staffing firm.

Evaluate Needs
In order to ensure a successful outcome for your lead generation campaign, you must invest time into planning and laying the proper groundwork. Determine your ideal target audience to make sure you are not wasting time or money by casting your marketing net too wide. Find out who is qualified to make staffing decisions on behalf of their company. Work with your sales team to build a strong mailing list and assign responsibilities for proper follow-up and lead nurturing once the leads begin to make their way through your sales pipeline. As part of this planning stage it is important that you not only assess your staffing firm’s needs, but also determine the needs of your potential clients. Design your marketing efforts in such a way that potential clients are motivated to contact your firm.

Set Realistic Goals
Setting realistic goals is yet another one of the essential lead generation tips for your staffing firm. Today’s digital age has made it easy to embark on large campaigns and reach people all around the world with one simple email; however, it is imperative that you set realistic goals for each lead generation campaign. The idea of securing 1,000 leads is enticing, but if you only have four sales people on your team, the expectation for them to follow-up with those potential leads in a timely manner is unreasonable. Use data from previous campaigns and analyze metrics to establish reasonable lead generation goals. Staffing firms must focus on securing qualified leads and building long-term relationships with their clients, not targeting a huge quantity of leads that are destined to never make it through the sales pipeline or deliver a reasonable ROI.

Determine Your Approach
Information on staffing services is readily available and extremely easy to access, thanks to the internet and our reliance on mobile devices. Discuss your lead generation goals with a qualified marketing firm and set up an integrated campaign that incorporates multiple forms of media. Create a theme and base all of your lead generation efforts around that central idea. Establish a budget and use your resources to adequately address both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Don’t forget about the importance of website optimization, social media and SEO. Once you have attracted a potential client’s attention, your website and online presence must reinforce his/her decision to reach out to your sales team.

The key to executing a successful lead generation campaign is to involve your team throughout the process. One of the best lead generation tips for your staffing firm is to leverage the experience of your staff members and use it to create effective marketing content for your staffing firm. Encourage them to share useful advice on the company’s blog, author valuable content to offer as downloadable media, and create narratives documenting successful candidate placement outcomes. Stimulate interest in your staffing form by creating valuable content. Remember to promote your campaigns on the company’s social media profiles and encourage your team to be active on those platforms.

Track Your Progress
Ultimately, the key to driving results is keeping an accurate record of the leads that are generated as a result of your efforts. Distinct codes for each campaign are required to keep track of the information as well as custom web forms, URLs and even contact email addresses and phone numbers. Without accurate tracking, it is impossible to judge whether your campaign was successful or whether you can show ROI on your marketing efforts.

Lead Generation Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Determine the needs of your staffing firm as well as the needs of your potential clients
  2. Realistic goals are required to ensure you do make the best use of your time and your budget
  3. Work with a qualified marketing firm to design an integrated lead generation campaign
  4. Involve your team in the planning and execution of your lead generation campaign
  5. Track your results to allow for proper follow-up and lead nurturing

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