For every staffing firm, lead generation is an essential priority in order to ensure a viable business. Lead FunnelGenerating leads is a constant challenge and staffing firms need to be proactive and willing to interact in today’s world of social media. Blogs are no longer a ‘nice thing to have’; blogs are a major lead generation source that cannot be ignored. Content marketing, calls-to-action, and powerful narratives are also great ways to sell your staffing services. Check out the following staffing firm lead generation secrets.

Keep Your Blog Current
Blogs are a great form of inbound marketing for your staffing firm, but it is important to remember that there is more to it than simply creating a blog page on your site and posting an article or two. Blogs provide your agency with a vehicle to regularly publish valuable content and increase your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Establish yourself as an industry leader by creating an editorial calendar and regularly posting thought-provoking articles. Consistency is an important piece of building up a regular following; therefore be sure to stick to your schedule and promote your posts through social media platforms. Once you have grabbed their attention, make sure you regularly check and respond to comments posted to your blog articles. Potential clients and candidates are making use of the Internet to research topics every day so make sure to reply to potential leads in a timely manner to convert them into new business opportunities.

Updated Calls-to-Action
Calls-to-action (CTA) are another type of staffing firm lead generation that, when updated regularly, have the potential to result in new clients and candidates signing on with your company. Carefully design and test your CTAs to determine what your target audience prefers. Elements such as button color, images used and the language associated with your CTAs all impact whether visitors are going to take that next step and click on your CTA button. Regularly assess your website to ensure that your CTAs are updated and offer valuable content to your visitors. Hold webinars or post new gated content to hold the attention of your return visitors and attract new users to your site.

Pay Attention to Website Analytics
Analyze your website statistics and make use of a monitoring tool such as Google Analytics to track visitor trends. Is your blog generating a good following of new and returning users? Are there some topics that bring in a greater audience? Once the visitors arrive at your blog or home page, are they clicking on your CTA buttons? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you have managed to attract the attention of potential leads and your job now turns to converting those leads into new clients and candidates. Make sure that the members of your team understand how important it is to act on these leads in a timely manner. The number of staffing firms advertised on the Internet allows for clients and candidates to easily find a more responsive agency if your team is unwilling or not properly prepared to reach out to these potential leads.

Optimize Your Landing Pages
Hopefully your website analytics now reflect an increased level of visitors to your website, but are those users being converted into new leads? It’s great that your CTAs are generating interest and your blog articles are being recognized by search engines, but if you see that those users are not engaging with your site then it is time to optimize your landing pages. If visitors are clicking on your CTA buttons but failing to submit their personal information in exchange for an educational ebook or a case study, the task quickly changes to determining whether there is a problem with the page itself or the content being offered. Regularly assess your website landing pages to ensure that they are easy to use and are not experiencing any unintentional outcomes that result in the user being rerouted to an error message. Spend time diagnosing the user experience and ensuring that the content being offered is valuable and relevant to today’s clients and candidates.

Be Selective
When designing any staffing firm lead generation campaign, it is important to focus your efforts on quality rather than quantity. It is always best to target your efforts on your ideal audience rather than trying to market to everyone. Lead generation campaigns that cast a wide net are bound to result in a greater number of initial leads, but if a very small percentage of those leads actually sign on with your staffing firm all you have managed to do is burn out your team and decrease your marketing budget. Asking your sales people and recruiters to chase down a huge number of unqualified leads is bound to result in frustration and wasted effort. Develop a tool or questionnaire that allows your staff to rate a potential lead and be selective in their conversion and business generation efforts.

Key Takeaways for Lead Generation Secrets:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure that your blog page is regularly updated and new articles are posted according to your editorial calendar
  2. Assess your CTAs to determine whether the information being offered is valuable and relevant
  3. Make use of analytics tools to track website visitor statistics and make changes to your processes as needed
  4. Diagnose your user experience and confirm that visitors are not becoming frustrated with your site’s landing pages
  5. Stick to your target audience when nurturing and attempting to convert potential leads

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