lead generation pipelineAre you paying attention to your lead generation pipeline? Have you made potential clients and candidates a priority or are you just sitting back and hoping for the best? While it is always imperative that you make your current clients and candidates feel like they are an important part of your staffing firm, the truth of the matter is that you cannot lose sight of the future. New business requires qualified leads, and generating leads requires hard work from your entire team. By building your brand and establishing a rapport with others in your industry niche, you are helping to guarantee the sustained growth of your staffing firm.

Plan Your Efforts
The best way to guarantee the future success of your staffing firm is to pay attention to your lead generation pipeline. ROI requires a comprehensive marketing strategy and the cooperative efforts of your recruiting and sales teams. Your teams need to work together to integrate your ingoing and outgoing marketing efforts. Ensure that your plans include market research, content generation, email campaigns, social media outreach, lead nurturing and data analysis.

Open Lines of Communication
If you are trying to call attention to your lead generation pipeline, host regular networking events and maintain a positive presence in online industry forums. Monitor your social media profiles and create a dialogue with potential leads. In order to build your staffing brand and establish your firm as an industry leader, it is essential that you maintain open lines of communication within your firm. When clients and candidates know that you are accessible at all times, they are more likely to refer others to your staffing firm. By recommending your services to their networks, current clients and candidates are helping to generate new leads and build your brand within the industry.

Be Responsive
The importance of responsiveness cannot be overemphasized. A staffing firm website that is not built with responsive design in mind is not going to stand the test of time and attract attention to your lead generation pipeline. Today’s professionals are looking to do business with firms that offer cutting-edge services, and a site that has not been optimized is not going to impress potential clients and candidates. Search engines are awarding responsive sites with higher online search rankings and many non-optimized sites will not even appear in searches initiated on a mobile device. By presenting your services in the best possible light and constantly generating insightful content, you are driving new traffic to your site and positioning your firm for success.

Nurturing Protocol
A lead nurturing protocol is essential to the success of your lead generation pipeline. Keep in mind that a well-established talent pool means that you are quickly able to fill open requisites with qualified applicants, which results in satisfied clients. Unfortunately, those qualified professionals do not just appear on your doorstep ready to sign on the bottom line; you need to first earn their trust. Reach out to prospective clients and candidates and show them that you are invested in their success. Take the time to listen and really learn about their career goals. Do not waste their time or the time of your clients by sending them on interviews for positions that do not match up with their projected career path. Designate lead nurturing responsibilities to your staff members and reward them through your recognition program when they meet or exceed their identified goals.

Reach for the Stars
Are you regularly checking your analytical data to determine whether you are finding the right clients and candidates? Are you achieving a return on your lead generation efforts? If you are less than satisfied with your results, it is time to re-evaluate your strategy and make the proper adjustments. Once you identify areas in need of improvement, enlist help from your team and delegate responsibilities. Remember that you are in this for the long haul, so always set goals and hold your team accountable to ensure that your new targets are met in a timely manner. In order to truly achieve lead generation success, you need to keep your efforts on track and always pay attention to your lead generation pipeline.

Key Takeaways for Lead Generation Pipelines Require Constant Attention:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Build a comprehensive plan for your lead generation efforts
  2. Maintain open lines of communication and establish yourself as a thought leader within the industry
  3. Ensure that your staffing firm website is responsive in order to drive new traffic and boost interest in your services
  4. Establish a lead nurturing protocol in order to build trust with prospective clients and candidates
  5. Always set long-term lead generation goals and hold your team accountable

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