Looking to build up your talent pool?Lead Generation Trying to secure new clients? What you need is a staffing firm lead generation campaign and in order for it to be successful, you need to find a good hook. What is going to draw the attention of your target audience? Recruiting is all about people, so it is important to remember that your campaigns iStock_000040602040_Small72must be client or candidate-focused. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to lead generation, so be clear on your campaign goals and check out the following lead generation ideas.

Start with Market Research
Before you are able to identify the best possible hook for your staffing firm lead generation campaign, you must make sure that you thoroughly understand what makes your audience tick. Compile market research and create surveys to find out what is important to prospective clients and candidates. Are industry trends forcing organizations to reevaluate their staffing needs? Do candidates feel that their skills are being underutilized? How is the state of the economy impacting both clients and candidates? Putting together a lead generation campaign is a challenge in and of itself; however, without an effective hook, the campaign is bound to fail.

Online Initiatives
If you are looking to secure new leads, the internet opens up doors for you all over the world. Are your recruiters scratching their heads trying to find that needle in the haystack for a very particular client? Does your team feel like they have already talked to everyone in a 50 mile radius who possesses the specialized skills that your client has requested? Widen your search area with an online initiative designed to locate top talent. Expand your radius and reach professionals in another city, another state, or even another country. Make use of gated, downloadable website content in order to capture an individual’s contact information and generate leads. “How to” guides, eBooks and case studies offer visitors an answer to a specific question, and help to provide insight into the capabilities of your staffing firm. Boost your SEO results by ensuring that your site is optimized for mobile devices, and remember to strategically place a ‘Contact Us’ button on your landing page to generate new leads.

Think beyond the local networking events that are frequented by the same professionals week after week. Today’s professionals are attached to their mobile devices, so take advantage of that fact and identify ways to promote engagement. Post to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to promote an upcoming webinar or podcast and raise the interest of your audience. Facilitate conversation by encouraging participants to post their questions to a designated Twitter hashtag. Make use of slide shows, videos and other non-text based presentation formats to grab the attention of prospective leads and encourage them to reach out to your team. If you have the staff and technical capability, consider hosting a live chat through your website to open up the lines of communication.

Go Old School
Although online is certainly the preferred method for generating leads on a larger scale, don’t ignore the tried and true staffing firm lead generation methods. If you have identified strong potential targets and are looking for a way to get your foot in the door, an old school mailing campaign is the way to go. Initial costs are definitely going to exceed those of an online campaign; however, given the number of emails that candidates and clients receive on a daily basis, a package or cleverly designed envelope delivered to the office helps to provide a welcome break from the computer screen. Capture their attention by including a unique giveaway item that ties into your campaign. Drop the ultimate hook by mailing out one half of your marketing campaign, and encourage them to check out your website or call your staffing firm to receive the second half of the package.

Key Takeaways for Lead Generation Ideas:
-Compile market research and create surveys to find out what is important to prospective clients and candidates
-Widen your lead generation search area by making use of online initiatives
-Invite your audience to participate in a webinar with posts on your social media profiles
-Mail out unique marketing packages to grab the attention of your targeted leads

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