Lead Generation Ideas to Win New BusinessHow am I going to generate more leads? This is a question that should be at the center of your marketing strategy efforts and dictate all of your marketing initiatives. If you worry that drawing the attention of your target audience is something that is going to break your staffing firm’s budget, we have news for you. Besides traditional marketing tactics like print ads and directory listings, there are other ways to generate ROI that won’t stretch your staffing firm’s budget and make you lose sleep. Take a look at the staffing firm lead generation ideas below on how to grow your leads pipeline.

Set the Stage
Before you start brainstorming on what actions to take to increase your pool of candidates and attract new clients, you first need to determine your ideal target audience. You also have to determine their needs so that your staffing firm lead generation ideas motivate them to turn to your company for help. Work with your sales and recruiting teams to identify the decision makers you should go after and perform market research to find out what clients and candidates find important. In addition, keep a close eye on industry trends that affect the markets you serve and adjust your lead generation strategy accordingly.

Make Your Website Easy to Work with
Let’s cut to the chase. None of your staffing firm lead generation ideas are going to be fruitful if they do not incorporate a mobile aspect. Prospective clients and candidates have become reliant upon their mobile devices and you need to keep this in mind to in order to see the maximum ROI of your efforts. If candidates are not able to apply seamlessly on your website and if clients have a hard time accessing your website on the go, then you are going to lose a huge portion of your audience. Make sure that your website is responsive and integrate your ATS with it to optimize user experience and maintain your job listings.

Draw Attention with Content
As mentioned previously, staffing firm lead generation ideas don’t have to bring your budget to its limits. A very effective way to draw the attention of your audience and generate leads for your staffing firm is creating and sharing informative content. Through market research, identify important topics for your target audience and address them blog articles or and webinars. Create an editorial calendar and update it on a quarterly basis. Ask your audience to fill out short forms with their information in exchange for white papers and case studies. Establish your organization as industry leader who provides fresh and intriguing content.

Bring on the Social Media
If you haven’t realized yet, you have in your hands a great lead generation tool that if you don’t use, you miss out on great opportunities. That’s your organization’s social media. Update your company profiles and invite your target audience to like and follow your accounts. Initiate discussions on specific topics, share fresh content, announce company news and ask clients and candidates to participate and provide comments and feedback. Make sure that you promote all of your staffing firm lead generation ideas on your social media to grab attention and generate more potential leads.

Define Good from Bad Ideas
The staffing firm lead generation ideas above are just a few of the steps you can take to increase the number of your leads. However, in order to know which initiatives work and which don’t, you need to be able to measure their effectiveness. In other words, you need track the results of your efforts. Did the last email campaign bring to your website the number of leads you anticipated? How many people read the last blog you posted? Not knowing the answers to questions like these is like walking in the dark. Use monitoring tools like Google Analytics to determine how successful you are and whether you need to modify your lead generation strategy.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Lead Generation Ideas to Win New Business:

  1. Identify your target audience and their needs to produce the best lead generation ideas
  2. Give your website a responsive design for optimum user experience
  3. Produce and share industry related and informative content
  4. Employ your company social media to draw the attention of your target audience
  5. Use monitoring tools to track the results of your efforts

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