Lead Generation Ideas for Your Staffing FirmThe robustness of your pipeline must be the main purpose of your staffing firm lead generation efforts. You might feel really confident about your brand and the value you bring to the table. However,  if you don’t find ways to feed your sales and recruiting teams with solid leads, then you should brace yourself for a difficult ride.

Having an effective action plan doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel or break your company’s budget. Very often staffing firms already have the means to achieve a goal but they do not use them right. To help you see your organization grow, we provide staffing firm lead generation ideas that can help you close.

Capitalize On Your Website

There is no doubt that all your marketing efforts should point leads to go to your website. Now, before you say that this is no news and you already made sure that this is the case, let us ask you a question: why? Why are you sending prospects to your website?

Is it solely to present them with your services and hope that they might get in touch with you? If so, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to collect crucial data about your audience. While also following up with them knowing exactly what their needs are and how you can address them. Moreover, make sure that the pages where your leads land have forms that they fill out giving you their information. You also want to use calls-to-action that invite people to take further action. In other words, take advantage of your website’s power to tone up your staffing firm lead generation outcome.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

You always need to keep in mind that a full pipeline doesn’t mean it is a healthy pipeline. The number of incoming leads is irrelevant if it doesn’t turn into more business. However, this is a common mistake that many organizations fail to acknowledge and their sales and recruiting teams wasting valuable time on qualifying leads rather than closing deals.

However, to avoid such setbacks, make sure that your marketing plan targets the audience that relates the most to your services and has the best chances of reaching out to you. In addition, do your best to narrow down the key decision makers in your industry and design specific marketing campaigns for them.

Employ Your Social Media

Are you treating your social media channels solely as a means to promote your brand and portray your company as an industry thought leader? Well that is great, but there is way more you can get out of them when it comes to staffing firm lead generation. First of all, you are able to share content that intrigues your audience to visit your website and find more about your staff and your services.

Second, you have the option to initiate conversations that enable your team to interact with prospects and convince them to do business with you. Lastly, you have the opportunity to build trust with your audience and make it easier for them to choose you over your competition. Your social media channels are a great platform to share blogs, post your company successes and grow your network. Don’t miss out on this potential.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

For your staffing firm lead generation strategy to pay off, it needs to be aligned with industry trends, and more importantly, set you apart from the other industry players. How informed are you about your competitors’ initiatives? What kind of tactics are they using and how do these work? Have they recently updated their website? How active are they on their social media channels? What is their audience saying about them?

This is information you need to obtain if you want to get ahead of them. Make it part of your strategy to conduct research about other companies out there and talk with your team on ways to overcome challenges and become more effective.

Keep Tracking Your Staffing Firm Lead Generation

Every staffing firm lead generation campaign you launch has specific results. In order to identify a wise decision versus one that didn’t work well, you need to be able to measure effectiveness.

Are you using the tools to do that? Do you monitor your Google Analytics to get real-time feedback and see which website pages generate more traffic? Have you implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows you to collect crucial information about your leads? Have you asked current clients for feedback on what made them choose you over competition? Furthermore the only way to maximize the return on your investment (ROI) and allocate your budget properly is by constantly tracking your leads.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Lead Generation Ideas for Your Staffing Firm:

  1. Capitalize on your website to collect information about your leads.
  2. Focus on increasing the quality of your leads.
  3. Use your social media channels to increase audience engagement.
  4. Have an understanding of how competition operates.
  5. Enable tools that allow you to track your leads.

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