We all make the decision to create a website for our business, but do we begin with what it can do for us or do we simply say we need a site? Our website is the most client facing marketing tool we possess, but most companies are Website Developmentnot sure what the site is currently doing for them much less what it is capable of doing for them. Your website should be a tool for clients to validate the type of company you are, gain information about you, gain information that helps their business and that most importantly generates active leads. Determine what clients want from you and then give it to them and be sure to ask them for some information to gain a lead.

Why do visitors come to my site
In order to provide your visitors with what they want you need to begin with who they are – your target audience. The average visitor comes to your site looking to validate the company that they will do business with and to gain information that helps their business. With that said, a well-organized and well-designed site goes a long way to giving a positive first impression. Creating content that helps their business addresses the gaining of information. Identify the key pieces of information that they need to help their business and display it proudly. A sound marketing strategy will help you drive results.

Content is King
Content can mean many things, but depending on where you are in the evolution of your online presence, start simple. Good page content describing the issues that your potential clients face with solutions that your company offers is a great beginning. Most web pages are written to say everything possible as opposed to trying to identify potential client concerns. Case studies are great ways to share past client problems and your solutions in a way that lets potential clients self-identify. Testimonials share information and drive validation. Blogging is another great way to share information. Companies like yours want information to aide their business and if you provide it then they will come.

One of the most overlooked areas of a website is calls-to-action. Call-to-action is defined as an implicit or explicit suggestion contained in a marketer’s content. An example would be “Click here to enter a survey and to qualify to win a prize.” Calls-to-action are specific in nature and drive the visitor to an action that generally is lead producing. Many people think that their company does not have a specific call-to-action that is worth featuring and that is not correct. Every company has a solid call-to-action even if it is limited to simply Contact Us Today to Help Your Career. Calls-to-action should be prominently displayed on each relevant page and they will produce leads.

Lead Generation Capability
One of the questions you have to ask is “Does my site have lead generation capability?” We don’t mean will people fill out the form. We mean do you have the form. Many sites skip the lead generation forms and have nothing more than a contact us. Your site can produce leads, should produce leads and you need to have lead generation capabilities. There is no sugar coating this statement because even an online brochure can generate a lead. Give yourself a chance to get a lead and you will get them.

If your last thought about your website was when you first started your business then think again. The website is the beginning of your marketing effort and a tool from that point forward. Don’t think of it as completed; think what more can it do for your business.S.J.Hemley Marketing

Five Website Takeaways:

  1. Evaluate why visitors come to your site
  2. Remember to provide strong content that addresses why they visit
  3. Create calls-to-action that shape their behavior
  4. Have lead generation forms to produce leads
  5. Your website is the beginning of your marketing effort and tool for moving forward

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