When qualified applicants search for new opportunities, their first source of information is generally the internet.Lead Funnel Today’s online competition is fierce, and all companies must invest time and resources into carefully designing their staffing firm marketing campaigns and making sure their websites are updated, efficient and mobile-friendly. Do your analytics show that your staffing firm website is a leading driver of applicants? Are you seeing constant activity generated by your online applicant portal? If the answer to either of these questions is no, it is important that you make this your top priority. Your website must make use of attractive, user-friendly media, an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and updated job listings in order to ensure an optimal experience for candidates and encourage return visitor traffic.

Create Website Traffic
In order to ensure that your staffing firm website is a leading driver of applicants, it is necessary to drive candidates to it. Design intriguing social media campaigns and coordinate your staffing firm marketing efforts to attract the attention of interested job seekers. Take advantage of capabilities within your Applicant Tracking System program that allow for automated social media posts when new job listings are uploaded to your site. Create website traffic by promoting the availability of useful content media in your social media posts. Sponsor a social media giving campaign or host contests through your social media platforms to encourage followers to access your website and view your available job descriptions.

Integrated ATS
Building your talent pool is an essential step in delivering the best candidates to your clients. In order to attract the most qualified applicants and ensure that they are quickly interviewed by your recruiters, it is essential that you integrate your ATS with your website. Applicant tracking systems contain important recruiting tools and are great sources of information for data analysis. Ensuring that applicants have a positive online experience begins by creating a seamless bridge between your website and your application portal. Evaluate your website’s functionality to ensure that applicants are able to easily upload resumes and letters of recommendation. Make sure the application process requires as few steps as possible in order to increase the chances of candidates completing the application process and reduce your website’s drop off rate.

Media Choices
Effective staffing firm marketing campaigns demand carefully selected media and a great message. Video presentations and other types of interactive media such as brief surveys are great ways to attract top talent. Busy professionals do not have the time to read through lengthy emails and pages of website content. Make it easy for applicants to learn about your staffing firm and buy into your branding image by incorporating testimonials into a video presentation. Incorporate video media and infographics into your website and use your social media posts to lead users back to your website. Show potential applicants how efficient your hiring process is and present data to demonstrate your placement rates.

Updated Job Listings
Create impactful job descriptions and present them on your website in an easy-to-read format. Evaluate your current listings to determine whether the information presented is complete and gives an accurate picture of the job responsibilities. Assess your search functionality to guarantee that all current job listings are being presented to candidates and typos or website coding requirements are not limiting the effectiveness of the applicant portal. Design a monitoring plan and assign responsibility to qualified members of your team to ensure that job listings are updated on a regular basis. There is nothing more frustrating to an applicant than spending the time applying for a position, only to find out the position has already been filled.

Pay Attention to Analytical Data
There is no way to judge whether your staffing firm website is a leading driver of applicants if you are not collecting the right type of data. Make use of programs such as Google Analytics to track visitor traffic, downloads, drop off rates and conversions. If drop off rates increase, you must assess the affected website pages in order to determine the cause. Enlist the help of your website developers to ensure that any broken links are immediately repaired and ask them to redesign any areas of your application process that appear to be encouraging candidates to drop off your site.

Key Takeaways for Is Your Website a Leading Driver of Applicants:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Drive traffic to your website through social media posts and intriguing staffing firm marketing campaigns
  2. Integrate your ATS into your website to allow for seamless application and recruiting practices
  3. Make use of interactive media in order to encourage website traffic
  4. Ensure that your job listings are current and presented in an easy-to-read format
  5. Pay close attention to analytical data in order to efficiently fix areas of your website that are encouraging candidate drop off

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