WebsiteLooking to add to your client portfolio and fill your talent pool? If so, you have most likely already come up with a plan of attack and identified possible ways to generate leads and cultivate new business. Your sales team is exploring every opportunity in an attempt to locate new clients. Your recruiters are attending networking events and reaching out through social media to identify new potential candidates. Management is discussing ways to reduce overhead and increase profits. It would seem as though all parts of your staffing firm are working toward the same common goal, but what about your online presence? Is your staffing firm website working for you, or is it working against you?

Go Mobile
If you have not yet embraced responsive design, your staffing firm website is definitely working against you. The number of mobile users is growing steadily and if your website is not ready to adapt to that trend, be prepared to be left in the dust. In addition to frustrating your visitors, you are at risk of being penalized by search engines that are giving priority to responsive sites. Optimize your site in order to ensure an enjoyable experience that encourages visitors to return and ultimately do business with your staffing firm.

A Leg Up on the Competition
By integrating your applicant tracking system (ATS) with your website, candidates enter their initial information and it is automatically uploaded to your database. Recruiters receive a generated email with the pertinent contact details, allowing them to immediately reach out and discuss possible opportunities. In order to give your staffing firm a leg up on the competition, timely information on new leads is required so that your team is able to build up your talent pool and refer qualified candidates to your clients.

Clear the Way
Is it obvious what visitors need to do once they arrive on your site? Have you cleared a path to guide users to where the important information is located? Websites that are difficult to navigate or that contain broken links are ineffective and are chasing away your online traffic. Don’t discourage first-time visitors with hard-to-find navigation bars or confusing pathways. Likewise, requiring candidates and clients to fill out a lengthy form in exchange for a case study is bound to cause frustration. Collect enough information to allow you to contact them and cultivate the lead, but don’t take up too much of their time by asking for too much data.

SEO Matters
If search engines are not regularly bringing you online traffic, then your staffing firm website is definitely not working for you. Are you using your blog to generate new content and boost your SEO? Have you mapped out a content strategy and created an editorial calendar? Evaluate your page keywords and compile monthly SEO reports in order to keep a close eye on your progress. Make adjustments where necessary in order to ensure that your website is helping to draw in new leads, rather than working against you by delivering those visitors to your competitors’ sites.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking
When you built your website, you most likely attached an analytics program to gather statistics behind the scene. Are you taking advantage of this data, or is it just sitting there doing nothing? Analytics show what is working well on your site and help to identify those areas that are in need of updates. Where are visitors dropping off of your site? Is there a recurring pattern? Have you recently started a marketing campaign? Let your staffing firm website work for you by collecting data from those who visit your linked landing pages so you are aware of what type of candidates or clients are responding to your marketing efforts. Track all visitors and set team goals for follow-up and lead nurturing.

Key Takeaways for Is Your Staffing Firm Website Working for You, or Against You:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Optimize your site in order to ensure an enjoyable visitor experience
  2. Integrate your applicant tracking system (ATS) with your website to allow for prompt follow-up by your recruiters
  3. Ensure that your website has easy-to-follow navigation
  4. Compile monthly SEO data to ensure that your keywords and content marketing campaigns are on-target
  5. Monitor your analytics programs to determine where changes need to be made

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