When identifying sources of new business for your staffing firm, does your website jump out as a lead generator? Performance ChecklistDo you regularly receive requests from clients and candidates who are looking for follow-up from your sales team and recruiters? If you are less than satisfied with your staffing firm website performance, be proactive in order to ensure a positive user experience.

A great way to boost your staffing firm website performance is to personalize the design of your site and draw in your target audience. Incorporate your brand into the look and feel of your site and be sure that the colors and images coincide with those used in your marketing collateral. Stress those points that set you apart from your competitors, and tell visitors who you really are by speaking to your points of differentiation. Why are your services special? What do you do better than other staffing firms? Remind visitors why your recruiters and sales team are head and shoulders above your competition in order to encourage them to return to your website and ultimately work with your staffing firm.

If you haven’t already gone mobile, it is definitely time to do so. Many search engines have started to penalize websites by pushing their information further down in the search results when visitors initiate their search. Increase your staffing firm website performance by working with a programmer to ensure that your site is responsive to mobile devices. Evaluate your current content and make updates where needed to guarantee that the visitor experience is a positive one.

Today’s professionals are looking for websites that are easy on the eye, and candidates are drawn to sites that make it easy for them to apply for open positions. Consider integrating your ATS to guarantee a painless and seamless online application process. Are your page load times too long? Replace large images and lengthy videos with multimedia that has been optimized for your staffing firm website. Visitors prefer to use websites that have already been optimized for user experience so it is imperative that your staffing firm website performance is smooth and lean. Is your site easy to navigate for users or do they get lost and can’t find what they are looking for?

Take advantage of tools such as Google Analytics to gather user data and determine whether your landing pages are effective. Do visitors stick around and explore your website, or do they fall off immediately? In order to accurately measure site traffic and improve your staffing firm website performance, analyze the reports to see how users are interacting with your site. Are you successfully converting visitors into new business for your staffing firm? How long are they spending on each page? Keep a close eye on your metrics to stay on top of any sudden changes in user trends or visitor rates.

Now that you have analyzed your website and have tracked its performance, what do the numbers tell you? Are your efforts resulting in new business for your staffing firm? Are there some areas of your website that are working better than others? Carefully review those pages where your drop-off rates are higher to see what changes need to be made. Is it time to breathe some new life into your site with a multimedia boost? Is your content not up-to-date with industry standards? Rely on the data to make rational decisions about the design of your website.

Key Takeaways for Is Your Staffing Firm Website Performing the Way You Expected:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Personalize the design of your site in order to draw in your target audience
  2. Ensure that your website is responsive to mobile devices
  3. Optimize your website to ensure a positive user experience
  4. Analyze the data to see how users are interacting with your site
  5. Rely on the data to make rational decisions about the design of your website

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