Is Your Staffing Firm Website Different From Your CompetitorsHow different is your website from your competitors? Does your staffing firm rank high in different search engines when prospects look for your services? Is new traffic coming your way? Do visitors have a great user experience on your website or do they run away, frustrated by broken navigation and links? Your website is a great tool to help you stay ahead of your competition, so you need to make sure that it is working for you, not against you. Check the following points on what you need to do to differentiate your staffing firm website and grow your business.

Show the Difference
The staffing industry’s biggest enemy is time: that is the time it takes to locate and qualify the right candidates for the job. The speed with which you collect applicant information and the speed that your recruiters reach out to them are crucial in meeting expectations. This is where your applicant tracking system (ATS) needs to work with your staffing firm website. When you integrate your ATS with your website, you receive real time information. Every time a candidate applies on your website, their information is automatically uploaded to your database. Your recruiters receive an automated email with the applicant’s details and they are able to immediately reach out to them for possible opportunities. Utilize your staffing firm website to show the difference of your company through prompt follow up with your target audience.

Optimize User Experience
When was the last time you used your smartphone or tablet to go on a website where its layout or navigation didn’t look right? How long did you spend trying to find what you were looking for? Did you go back again? Coming across websites that are not responsive to mobile devices is at least frustrating. Your staffing firm website needs to be easily accessed and navigated by everyone and from anywhere. If you haven’t already, make it a top priority to adopt responsive design. Remember that search engines, like Google, penalize websites that are not responsive, so avoid the risk of losing market share and potential business just because your website doesn’t look good.

Don’t Forget Your SEO
What happens when you look for your services on search engines? Is your staffing firm website at the top of the list of providers or do you end up hitting “next page” until you get bored? Your staffing firm website needs to offer more than smooth navigation and pretty imagery. It has to draw the attention of your target audience and engage them. To accomplish that, you need to generate intriguing and valuable content that increases your web traffic. Evaluate your keywords and create an editorial calendar with topics of interest that serves your content strategy. Use your blog to promote content that boosts your SEO and periodically review your website pages to make sure that your message is current with the needs of your audience.

Make It Easy to Work With
Do you really have to call your website developer every time you need to make an update on one of your website pages or upload a new image? How long do you have to wait until the job is done? Unless you enjoy being reliant on other people to take care of your staffing firm website for you, turn to a content management system (CMS) that allows for easy control of your site in a timely manner. Do you need to post a new blog? Do you want to create a new page or add a form to an old one? Do it yourself or have someone on your team do it with the help of an effective CMS. Don’t waste any more time and take control of your site.

Never Give Up Monitoring
When you deal with technology, things can go wrong, and sometimes without even knowing about it. Your staffing firm website is not an exception. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises that end up costing you business, you have to keep a close eye on the performance of your site. Are there any broken links? Are your images aligned the way they are supposed to? Do your contact forms work properly or do your candidates come across error pages? Don’t wait to be told that something on your website is broken. Perform regular checks to make sure everything looks and works right and that visitors have a great user experience with your website.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Is Your Staffing Firm Website Different From Your Competitors?:

  1. Integrate your ATS with your website to collect applicant information in real time
  2. Make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices
  3. Produce and promote fresh and valuable content
  4. Use an effective CMS for easy control of your website
  5. Perform regular check up to detect and fix errors

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