The world of social media is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring. socialmediaSocial media is a way to get noticed if you are not the biggest fish in the sea, or to go down in flames if you have the misfortune of posting a not-so-popular message for all to see. The key to social media is learning how to use it in a responsible, systematic way in order to increase online conversations about your staffing firm and brand. The goal for every staffing firm must be to use social media to drive engagement within your target audience.

Media Type
Without a doubt, the number one way to increase user engagement through social media is to evaluate the type of media you are sending out. Video is currently the leader in media type, followed closely by photos. Plain and simple, people are looking for quick information and do not have a lot of time to process written content. Make use of infographics and short video clips to communicate your staffing firm’s message. Users on the go are interested in visual media that is capable of being easily interpreted and easily shared with others. When looking to use social media to drive engagement, you want your content to impress your target audience enough that they are inclined to share it with their friends and contacts. Sending out social media posts and status updates that contain an attention-grabbing image or video prompt are going to drive engagement much more than a text-only post.

Valuable Content
Now that you know what type of media is bound to attract the most attention, it’s time to decide what kind of content to send out. Prospective candidates are searching for valuable content that helps them in their job search. Clients need to locate the best staffing firm to help them fill open positions in their company. Your staffing firm must address these needs when designing content to be shared via social media. Create a video blog that features a recruiter delivering interview or resume tips, information on a current job opportunity, or why candidates should consider using your staffing firm over a competitor. Ask a member of your sales team to speak about recent successful placements, your company culture, industry trends, or a particular area of the staffing industry where you excel. Feature a video clip as the first blog entry each month and drive engagement by encouraging users to return for future episodes. Supplement your blog with interesting written articles that provide relevant information on your particular niche within the staffing industry. Don’t forget to allow users to comment on your content to encourage an additional level of engagement.

Brand Influence
Communicating your brand message is a great way to use social media to drive engagement. Tell your staffing firm’s story and allow your target audience to get a feel for your company culture. Don’t forget that a big part of your brand’s personality directly relates to your team – who they are and how they share your company’s brand message. Encourage your employees to take part in the social media conversation as a means of allowing your target audience to interact with and build a trusting relationship with your team members.

Stimulating Conversations
It’s important to become part of the conversation, rather than simply sending out social media posts each day. Enlist the help of team members and industry professionals who are willing to participate in online conversations and establish themselves, as well as your staffing firm, as leaders in your particular niche. Be sure to create a comprehensive social media policy for your staffing firm and carefully discuss acceptable themes and how to subtly promote your staffing firm in order to attract prospects.

Social Media Giving Campaigns
Another great way to involve your team online is to run a social media giving campaign. Choose a charity and promote the campaign within your organization to encourage greater engagement. Remind your employees that for each new like or follower you gain, the staffing firm is prepared to donate a set amount to the charity. Growing your social media audience in this manner bolsters your staffing firm’s reputation by showing prospective clients and candidates that you are socially-minded.

Key Takeaways for Using Social Media to Drive Engagement: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Consider upping your social media ante by adding videos and photos to your posts
  2. Ensure that your content contains value to your target audience in order to draw attention
  3. Use the power of social media to spread your brand message and communicate a relationship or trust
  4. Become part of the conversation by actively contributing instead of simply posting updates
  5. Sponsor a giving campaign to build your social media audience as well as your reputation within the staffing industry

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