Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Up to ParDo you feel that your content marketing strategy is up to par, or could you stand to brush up on your game? Informative, insightful content is a great way build up trust with potential clients and candidates, so it is imperative that you do everything possible to present your staffing firm in the best possible light. Instead of wasting time with ineffective campaigns, check out the following tips to help focus your efforts and generate ROI with a strong staffing firm content marketing strategy.

Plan Your Approach
Instead of going for a shotgun start, it is important to focus your efforts and plan out your content marketing campaigns. Conduct market research to ensure that you are targeting the right audience and to find out what their needs are. Create an editorial calendar to keep you on the right course, and fill it with topics that are designed to engage potential clients and candidates. Figure out which social media sites are best suited to your audience, but do not try to tackle too many different platforms. If you are not already writing one, establish a company blog and use it to highlight what sets your staffing firm apart from the competition.

No Hole in One
Content marketing is not a one-and-done kind of a deal, you may as well forget about shooting for an ace. The idea behind content marketing is to continuously create and share quality collateral in an attempt to engage readers in ongoing conversation. With each new blog article, whitepaper or case study, you need to distribute the material through your social media profiles and drive traffic back to your staffing firm’s website. Carefully craft your social media posts to ensure that they properly address your target audience and draw their attention. Communicate with your sales managers and recruiters and encourage them to build relationships with potential clients and candidates. Remind them that this is a team effort and that everyone must chip in to guarantee a successful

Beware of Hazards
Although it is tempting to jump on the trending bandwagon and post material designed to elicit the biggest number of likes, be careful not to fall into the trap. Your staffing firm content marketing strategy is only going to be effective if it builds up trust in your staffing firm and draws the right kind of visitors to your site. Converting traffic into new business is impossible if the users are not part of your target audience. Remember that when it comes to the world of online posts, you don’t get penalty shots. Once material is posted it is accessible forever, even if you think you have deleted it. Always proofread your material and screen it to ensure that your witty marketing tagline is not something that could be considered as offensive or rude to others.

Don’t Fade Away
It’s sometimes easy to get complacent when carrying out your staffing firm content marketing strategy. Writing a weekly blog article, posting repurposed articles, tending to your social media profiles and creating new material for your website has the potential to seem daunting and be tedious at times. If you find that your engagement numbers are slipping, don’t be afraid to change up your short game. Draw their attention with eye-catching, relevant videos. Consider using infographics to convey the material instead of writing a lengthy blog article each week. The profitability of your staffing firm depends on a solid client list and a strong talent pool, so always “follow-through” with your plans and never bail out on your content marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways to Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Up to Par?:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Focus your efforts and plan your approach to your marketing campaigns
  2. Stay the course and remember that content marketing takes time
  3. When posting your content marketing, beware of potential online hazards
  4. Don’t get complacent and allow your content marketing efforts to fade away

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