Market research: an essential component to your staffing firm’s success, yet not so often discussed. What is market research? Is it really necessary to spend your time and effort on? This blog dives into some key takeaways you may not have known about this fundamental practice and how it takes your staffing firm to the next level. Let’s get into it!

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Insights from the Source
The best way to win a candidate over is by learning directly from the source. By asking candidates what they are searching for in a position, you’ll be able to tailor your strategy towards their actual needs and desires – not what you’re assuming they are. Staffing firm market research provides you insight and actionable data points to shape how you are approaching your role in helping a candidate land the position of their dreams.

The Psychology of Applying
Staffing firm market research allows you to get into the minds of candidates and understand what factors drive an applicant’s decision making when job searching. You have the ability to gain insight into how candidates prefer to find a position – do they like to attend networking events? Do they mainly search on LinkedIn? Where else are they seeking out positions? By getting answers to these questions, you’re able to better tailor your strategy to your target audience’s preferences.

Company Culture
Obviously, company culture is an essential component in finding the right role fit for a candidate, but how much time do you really spend seeking this out? Company culture is a factor that truly makes or breaks a role fit, as if their values and personality don’t align, there’s sure to be a turnover, and most likely, quickly. Take the time to understand if the two seem to mesh on a personal level, as it is just as important as their technical qualifications.

Talent Supply and Demand
Staffing firm market research also allows you to gauge the competition in the market. This means you gain insight into how many candidates are qualified for a position in a specific location vs another, as there may be an abundance of top talent in one area and limited options elsewhere. Understanding where your top candidates lie helps you better tailor your approach.

Are you convinced yet? If you haven’t already, get to working on your staffing firm market research strategy. And if you need help or have any questions, we’re glad to help you along the way. For specific tactics, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!
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