When was the last time your tradeshow booth was updated? Tradeshow BoothHave you been setting up the same outdated booth year after year and wondering why your lead generation numbers are declining? The simple fact of the matter is that attendees are not drawn to an uninspiring space, so it’s important to make sure that your tradeshow booth is both inviting and exciting. While it’s not necessary to have pyrotechnics and magicians to get people’s attention, you do need to guarantee that your booth is successfully conveying your staffing firm brand and communicating your marketing message. Consider the following important points when evaluating whether it is time to update your staffing firm’s tradeshow booth.

Gather the Facts
No matter how anxious you are to update your staffing firm’s tradeshow booth, it is important to take your time and create a plan that makes sense. Businesses do not have limitless budgets, so it is important to really think things through and ensure that you understand what you hope to achieve out of your tradeshow booth. Gather information on typical tradeshow space dimensions, new available technologies, and innovative booth design materials. Be vigilant in these early planning stages to guarantee that you get the most value for your marketing dollar.

Adapt Accordingly
In the world of tradeshows, no two shows are exactly the same. Different regions attract different types of attendees and organizers often have different goals for their conferences. Logically, if the events differ, your booth needs to adapt accordingly. After all, why should you expect your booth to be a ‘one size fits all’ kind of booth? Identify your goals for each conference and determine where minor adjustments need to be made. When planning your booth design, don’t forget to factor in flexibility as well as portability. Even if your tradeshow booth is awesome and attracts the attention of attendees, you are most likely going to lose money on the deal if you have to pay a freight company to transport an extremely heavy or bulky booth. Keep in mind that your team is going to be tasked with setting up and breaking down your booth, so remember to keep it simple.

Collateral Matters
Are you handing out white papers that were written years ago? Do your giveaways look like you ordered in bulk and are trying to get rid of items that were last popular in the 90’s? Collateral is an important part of the tradeshow experience, so be sure to communicate your staffing firm brand in all of your giveaway items. Give away items that make sense for the target audience you are looking to attract. Case studies need to focus on your areas of strength and show your niche within the staffing industry. Handouts must detail positive client outcomes and show potential clients and candidates how your staffing firm is well-suited to solve their problems. Finally, be on top of ordering all of your collateral to ensure that your brochures and other items are ready in time for the conference.

Draw Them In
Designing the physical booth is just one part of the process. Once you have come up with a layout and chosen the colors and overall theme, you must figure out ways to draw in your audience and entice them to listen to your message. Technology is a great way to attract the attention of attendees, so make use of eye-catching PowerPoint presentations and interactive demonstrations. Ensure that your exhibit booth features your staffing firm logo and clearly communicates your overall message. Welcome visitors into your tradeshow booth by designing an unobstructed space that encourages people to spend time talking with your exhibit staff.

Beyond Your Booth
When considering whether to update your staffing firm’s tradeshow booth, don’t overlook your booth staff. The best tradeshow booth in the world is not going to generate qualified leads if your staff do not exemplify your staffing firm brand and are unable to effectively communicate your message. Meet with your tradeshow booth staff to clearly lay out what is expected of them. Create a schedule that allows for your staff to visit other booths and see what is going on in the industry. Ensure that they are well-versed in all aspects of your staffing firm and are able to run (and trouble shoot) any of the technology featured in your booth.

Key Takeaways for Upgrading Your Tradeshow Booth:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Gather relevant information to guarantee that you get the most value for your marketing dollar
  2. Your booth needs to adapt according to the needs of each show
  3. Give away collateral that make sense for the target audience you are looking to attract
  4. Figure out ways to draw in your audience and entice them to listen to your message
  5. Meet with your tradeshow booth staff to clearly lay out what is expected of them

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