The impact of social media in today’s world is undeniable, so it is important that you carefully lay out your social media goals and craft a solid social media marketing strategy. Social MediaA positive social media campaign has the potential to make a business and create brand ambassadors for life. Conversely, a social media campaign that falls short or creates a negative connotation is going to drive away your target audience. Every time your staffing firm posts something on social media, it must be well thought out and purposeful. Building a brand takes a lot of hard work. It takes only one online post that is less than flattering to your staffing firm to negate all of that hard work. As you are designing your social media marketing strategy, be sure to keep the following points in mind to ensure that you are able to successfully increase social media engagement for your staffing firm.

Twitter is a great tool to add to your social media marketing strategy. When used correctly, businesses are able to directly connect with their target audience and initiate conversations. Use your staffing firm’s Twitter profile to actively search out and follow businesses or professionals who are part of your target audience. Include hashtags on keywords or phrases that are relevant to your industry to ensure that your content is featured in certain categories. Increase social media engagement for your staffing firm by asking your team to follow the company’s profile and periodically remind them to retweet your posts to spread your reach. Pay attention to your Twitter analytics dashboard to gauge your results and determine which posting times result in the highest level of engagement.

Facebook is a highly visual platform and as such your staffing firm is competing against vibrant images and eye-catching videos in your followers’ news feeds. If your goal is to catch the attention of your target audience, it is important that you make use of high-quality images and present interesting content. In order to attract potential clients and candidates and actively engage with them on your Facebook page, you must build your fan base and promote your staffing firm. But how do you do that? Facebook engagement is dependent on how interesting your content is to your audience, so be sure that your posts are informative in order to encourage new visitors to like your page and share your posts on their personal timelines. As part of your staffing firm marketing strategy, set goals and appropriate marketing funds for your social media campaign. Will you make use of promoted ads? Do you need to hire a marketing firm to oversee your social media efforts, or do you already have an internal marketing department? In order to increase social media engagement for your staffing firm, it is imperative that your online posts and monitoring efforts maintain a consistent voice and adhere to a strict editorial calendar.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most important social media platform for staffing firms since it provides a way for recruiters to search out and contact talented professionals from every area of business. LinkedIn allows for recruiters to pre-qualify potential candidates based on prior experience and identified areas of specialty; however, if your company’s LinkedIn page is not serving to increase social media engagement for your staffing firm, then you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. Does your target audience follow your LinkedIn page? Do they interact with your posts and share them with their personal followers? Leverage your Facebook and Twitter fan bases by asking your audience to also follow you on LinkedIn. Consider running a social giving campaign that benefits a local charity in order to grow your network.

Pay Attention to Content
Are you sharing informative content that intrigues your target audience? Do you publish relevant blog articles each week containing helpful tips and suggestions? Prospective candidates and clients are searching online for a staffing firm specializing in their particular industry, so lead them to your website by sharing your content on social media and linking back to your landing page. Mix it up and post different types of media such as video, infographics, and articles in order to keep the attention of your followers. Closely monitor social media conversations and take the opportunity to engage your target audience by answering any posted questions or addressing any concerns raised.

Go Viral or Go Home
When choosing content, you must select subjects that have the potential to go viral. Do you research and find out what is trending, (and relevant to the staffing industry), in order to take advantage of the popularity of that topic. Increase your chances of having your staffing firm content go viral by posting thought-provoking articles and media that evokes an emotional response from your target audience. Establish your staffing firm as an industry leader by sharing material that people are going to share with their friends and co-workers.

Key Takeaways for Increasing Engagement through Social Media Engagement:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Make direct contact with clients and candidates on Twitter and strive to increase your followers
  2. Post intriguing media on Facebook’s visual platform to attract the attention of your audience
  3. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s growing network of professionals
  4. Share informative content that appeals to your target audience
  5. Carefully select subject matter that has the potential to go viral

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