WebsiteIs your staffing firm’s website stuck in a rut? Are you looking to add new elements to your site in order to attract traffic and secure new clients and candidates? Responsive websites with updated content and optimized images are awarded higher SEO rankings, so it is definitely in your best interest to assess your site and identify ways to modernize your layout. Take a look at the following suggestions and breathe some new life into your staffing firm website.

Critical Assessment
Sometimes the truth hurts, but when it comes to your staffing firm website there is no room for white lies. In order to end up with the best possible website, you need to assess your current layout and content with a critical eye. Is your navigation easy to use, or does it require a Ph.D. to comprehend? Do your images and multimedia content look dated? Does your site make use of responsive design? Keep in mind that you have probably gotten used to your website over the years, so it is essential that you bring in some new eyes and a fresh perspective. Ask professional contacts to review your website and tell them to be brutally honest with you. When looking for ways to add creative elements to your staffing firm website, you need to know what areas need work.

Check Your Analytics
After you have gotten feedback on the user interface aspect of your staffing firm website, it’s time to consult your analytics programs that are running behind the scenes. Where are visitors arriving from? How long do they stay on your website and which pages see the most traffic? Are there certain landing pages that are showing increases in drop off rates? Do you notice indications of broken links or areas where your visitors are encountering error messages? Have you taken the time to break down your SEO and determine which keywords and phrases are driving the most traffic to your website? By doing your homework, you are able to identify the areas where your creative elements are going to make the most impact.

Technology Adds Excitement
New technology allows you to incorporate creative elements to your staffing firm website and boost engagement with your target audience. Consider integrating your online application process with your ATS to allow for timely follow-up by your staff. Work with a programmer to design a customized application that allows users to apply for open positions right from their mobile devices. Research newer analytics programs to add value to your staffing firm’s website, track SEO, and allow for accurate user engagement figures.

Think Outside the Social Media Box
When it comes to social media, sometimes you need to think outside of the box. Your website must feature social media links to your company profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but don’t stop there. For example, if you are looking for candidates who are graphic artists or web designers, it makes sense to represent your firm on the sites that interest your target audience. Establish profiles on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram and make sure to prominently highlight those links on your staffing firm website. Prospective candidates appreciate the fact that you are willing to go the extra mile and meet them on familiar territory.

Catch Their Eye
When it comes down to it, images and multimedia options provide some of the best opportunities for adding creative elements to your staffing firm . Replace outdated images and video files that demand excessive load times with fresh graphics that highlight your cutting edge staffing firm services. Love the look of website headers with sliding images but intimidated by the coding required? Many web hosting sites provide templates that already include an eye-catching slider feature. Downloads such as WOW Slider allow you to incorporate customizable panels to your site without adding the hassle of hiring a website designer. Carefully evaluate your multimedia selections to ensure that they are going to appeal to your target audience and draw new visitors to your site.

Key Takeaways to Incorporating Creative Elements into Your Staffing Firm Website:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Get a fresh perspective on your website by assessing it with a critical eye
  2. Consult your analytics to determine which areas need work
  3. Incorporate technology to add value, function and excitement to your website
  4. Determine whether adding social media links to your site makes sense for your staffing firm
  5. Catch the eye of prospective clients and candidates with fresh images and customized graphics

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