As you probably know by now, your digital footprint means everything to your staffing firm. From your social media content to your email campaigns, how you portray your brand online is essential in creating the right representation, and thus, attracting the right clients and candidates to work with you. But let’s get granular, shall we? We’re here to dive into your blog – not so often discussed, but a fundamental component to being recognized as an industry leader. So, how do you write a compelling staffing firm blog? Time to dish our secrets!

staffing firm blog

Create an Editorial Calendar
To best set you up for a successful staffing firm blog, you should create an editorial calendar that spans three months at a time. This helps you stay on track and gives you an outline of the content that is dispersed throughout these months. Choose a realistic schedule to stick to – don’t plan blogs to be posted every day unless you truly have the bandwidth to be cranking out valuable content daily. Remember – it’s more about quality than quantity.

Choose the Right Topics
Think like a client or candidate – choose the topics that are most valuable to them. Remember that your overarching goal is to either help your audience with a problem, inform them on related news, or provide advice on best practices. Include topics like interview tips (candidate article), or best hiring practices to find the right fit (client article). Additionally, you should include industry-related topics on your staffing firm blog to show that you are on top of the latest trends in your field.

Always Include a CTA
Your content is nothing without a roadmap of what action you want your audience to take! Whether it’s “check out our other blog posts”, “learn more about our opportunities”, or “contact us to learn more best practices on (topic)”, make sure you are providing clear indication of what you want your readers to do after reading your post. And make sure they stand out! You can even sprinkle one in throughout your content instead of solely putting it at the end, so the reader doesn’t miss it. Another tip? Make it a graphic so it stands out even more

Keywords are Your Best Friend
To help with your SEO, utilizing related keywords to your blog posts is a must! Do some keyword research on what your audience is searching for and/or talking about and focus on one per post. And while including keywords is great, you want to make sure you aren’t keyword stuffing – meaning you aren’t trying to scoot around search engines’ ranking algorithms by putting an overload of keywords to bump yourself to a higher rank. Focus on your one keyword and only use it throughout your post 3-5 times.

Loop in Your Social
You want people to read your blog, right? Don’t forget to promote it! This is easily done through posting on your social channels, letting all your followers know that you’ve just posted some awesome content that they just have to check out.staffing firm sales

So, there you have it! By creating a realistic schedule, choosing captivating topics your audience is interested in, including stand-out CTA’s and keywords, and marketing your posts on social, your staffing firm blog is off to the races! Do you have questions about other marketing best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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