Lead generation is a concept every industry is always prioritizing, and staffing is no exception. But the question always remains: what is the best way to attract leads? While there is no one right answer, we’d like to share one tip that is sure to drive leads to your staffing firm. What is it? We’re glad you asked.

Virtual events
The wake of the pandemic this past year and a half truly shook up the way things were previously done in various aspects. While some things became more challenging, it also opened the door to new opportunities like virtual events. Not only are more people able to join your event from across the globe, but the planning and costs associated are minimized significantly.

What type of virtual event?
The best way to utilize a virtual event for staffing firm lead generation is to host a panel discussion. This type of event increases your staffing firm’s credibility, as well as industry leadership, as your panel discussion revolves around a topic that your firm has expertise in, for example: data science. Make sure you choose a topic that someone from your firm is able to speak to at length, as the stronger your expert is, the more credibility you gain.

But who should be on the panel?
Great question! You want to have 1-2 panelists that are your current clients, and 3-4 that are enticing prospects. Think about companies you’d want to go after and choose 10 to target. These people should be high up in the company, like a VP, SVP, or director who has a strong knowledge of the topic as well. Many who are asked to join a panel like this love to participate, as it helps them network and extend their professional expertise, making it a win-win for both of you!

How does it work?
Since it is your event, you get to choose a moderator (your expert), and they help guide your panelists through some questions about the given topic that people might be interested in learning more about. These questions should be prepared ahead of time, but you should also open the floor to questions from the audience at the end of the event as well. This event should last between 60-90 minutes.

How do I get an audience?
This is where your marketing strategy comes in! There is no staffing firm lead generation without the helping hand of marketing. Once you have your topic, an outline of when the event is going to take place, and who the panelists are, begin marketing your event! This means posting it on your social channels, on your website, and any other platforms you use to market your staffing firm. Let them know all of the details up front, including how to and when to register by.

Are you convinced yet? Hosting a virtual panel discussion event is an incredible way to drive leads, while also not breaking the bank! Need some help? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other staffing firm lead generation tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!
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