While social media might not be your forte, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the rise of TikTok in the last few years. And although you may only know if from watching your kids or nieces and nephews record themselves practicing TikTok dances at family gatherings, there’s more to this platform than meets the eye. So, what is TikTok all about? Is it actually worth using for recruitment? This blog dives into some of the ways this platform just might take your staffing firm digital marketing to the next level. Let’s get into it!

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Expand Your Reach
It may take your time to wrap your head around the idea of using such a heavy Gen-Z utilized platform flooded with funny pranks, songs, and dances. However, TikTok now has 1 billion active users across the globe, making it the seventh most utilized social media platform. Additionally, Gen-Z is the future of our workforce – make sure you’re catering to how they expect to engage with brands moving forward. Not only does it expand your talent pool, but it gives the perception that your staffing firm is up on the trends and not only willing to, but excited to engage in the newest technology and trends.

The Algorithm is Your Friend
TikTok’s algorithm creates a “For You Page” (FYP) for each individual, tailored to their interests. This is based on previous videos they’ve engaged with via likes, comments, shares, etc. Additionally, location comes into play as the algorithm shows videos based on the user’s geographic area. So, if you’re recruiting in a specific location, utilizing hashtags to correlate with it boosts your chances of candidates seeing your content. The algorithm works in your favor, as you don’t have to have a large following to get in front of users.

Content is King
However, it’s not just about getting in front of people on TikTok, it’s essential that you stay up with the trends! We all know that content is king, and on TikTok, it’s no different. Luckily, many of these trends aren’t difficult to follow and re-create and are executed in a fun, informal manner, making it easy for your staffing firm to create short-form video content quickly. Check out your competitors if they’re on the platform and see what they’re doing too! The key is to get as creative as possible for potential candidates to want to engage with your staffing firm digital marketing efforts. staffing firm website

Become a Thought Leader
TikTok has a vast range of content even though many think it is strictly for a laugh. The platform offers a “learn” tab in which you are able to utilize to educate your audience on topics in your industry, thus creating trust, and establishing you as a thought leader further. Many use this tab in search of advice, new trends, or news in their areas of interest, so use this to your advantage to attract candidates!

Are you convinced that TikTok is beneficial for your staffing firm digital marketing efforts yet? Need help getting started? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other sales tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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