In order to remain viable and plan for future growth, lead generation is essential for every staffing firm. mobilemarketingThe goal of marketing executives is to locate qualified leads that are then converted into new clients and candidates by the sales team. Successful marketing campaigns offer gated content on your firm’s website in exchange for identifying information such as a name and email address, but what happens when these users are accessing your website on a mobile device? Due to our increased reliance on tablets and cell phones, a mobile strategy must be a part of every staffing firm’s marketing plan.

Mobile-Friendly Format

The key to using mobile marketing for lead generation is ensuring that material is presented online in a mobile-friendly format. Although staffing firms do not necessarily need to alter the actual content that is offered, they do need to adjust the way the material is presented to allow for a successful mobile experience. Keep in mind that the typical mobile user has a very short attention span. Make sure that all of your lead generation content is presented clearly and is located at the top of the article. Many readers will not make it all the way to the bottom of the article, and they most typically scan the story to pull out highlights rather than read it word for word. When optimizing content for a mobile screen, remember that concise lists, bulleted information, and easy to read fonts all help users to review the material on smaller mobile screens.

Make Engagement Easy

Mobile users are looking for a quick way to access your staffing firm, so make engagement easy by optimizing your site. Video content is a great way to engage mobile users due to its user friendly format and ability to be shared easily with others. Don’t expect candidates to fill out lengthy online forms or memorize your phone number. Unlike desktop users, those accessing your site on mobile devices need the forms to have fewer fields and those fields need to be larger in size to make them easy to view on the smaller screen. Instead of simply listing your phone number, display it as a clickable link to allow mobile users to directly connect with your team. By enabling mobile users to easily access your agency, you are increasing your chances of acquiring new business for your staffing firm and using mobile marketing for lead generation.

Redesign Your Calls-to-Action

Take a look at your current calls-to-action and see how they appear on different kinds of devices. Animated images and text that fill the screen on a desktop may be too distracting on the smaller display of a mobile phone or tablet. In order to not overwhelm mobile users, you must use clear images and text that is easy to read. Action-oriented calls-to-action should be clearly presented so users know exactly what is being asked of them. “Contact Us Now” and “Sign Up for Our e-Newsletter” are calls-to-action that are well-suited to mobile users. Remember to leave plenty of space between buttons and fields so that mobile users are able to easily click on them without becoming frustrated.

Think Like a Mobile User

What would appeal to you as a mobile user? When using mobile marketing for lead generation, optimize your online brand presence by offering special promotions that are available only to your mobile users. Check out your site’s load times. People are likely to move on to a competitor’s site if they get frustrated waiting for your pages to load. Text message campaigns appeal to mobile users because they are easy to respond to and do not require a huge time commitment.

Technical Approaches

Design simple mobile landing pages on your website and redirect mobile users to the pages through an email marketing campaign. Make sure that all of your email messages are mobile friendly so users are able to easily view the material on their devices. Build a native app for your staffing firm and generate leads every time a user downloads your app to their mobile device. Downloading an app takes much less time and requires less attention than filling out a form with multiple fields.

Mobile Marketing Lead Generation Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure your content is presented in a mobile-friendly format
  2. Mobile users who are constantly on the go demand an easy engagement experience
  3. Design your calls-to-action so they appeal to mobile users
  4. Create interfaces and campaigns geared toward ease of use
  5. Consider creating native apps that allow for simple downloading

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