improve your staffing firm website ROILet’s be honest! Innovative graphics, eye-catching photos and an easy navigation are great, but they mean nothing if your website doesn’t deliver the necessary return on your investment (ROI). Being the frontage of your brand, your staffing firm website has to stay ahead of your competition and work for your business, not against it. Keep in mind that you operate in an industry where every lead is important and missing out on opportunities is not an option. Consider the following website resolutions to improve your staffing firm website ROI.

Do all of your website visitors have the same experience regardless of the device they use? In other words, does your site have a responsive design or are you missing out on more than half of today’s online users? Responsive technology allows potential leads to seamlessly access your site from anywhere and learn more about your services, thus increasing the potential of more business. In addition, fast loading speeds encourage visitors to go around your website and reduce your bounce rates. Remember that the easier it is for users to navigate through your site, the more chances you have for them to provide their contact information.

What is your plan to attract the attention of your audience? Do you solely rely on your website photos and graphics? Have you populated your landing pages with endless content that talks about how great your company is? If that is the case, then don’t expect much. In order to improve your staffing firm website ROI, you need to engage visitors into taking further action. For example, when targeting candidates, produce content that relates to the problems they face and use call-to-action buttons to bring them to pages where they can find out how you can help them if they get in touch with your team.

Another great resolution to improve your staffing firm website ROI is by showing to your visitors that your staffing firm is the right choice for them. The best way to do this is by promoting your accomplishments with testimonials that come from past and current clients. Use compelling stories to talk about your proficiency in understanding and solving problems, and incorporate them in landing pages to catch the attention of visitors. Be sure to include client logos to add credibility to your success and keep creating new testimonials for new achievements.

Gated Content
You already know that not all the traffic to your website is going to turn to business. This however, doesn’t mean that there is no room for you to improve your staffing firm website ROI. That being said, you can increase the number of valuable leads by using what is called gated content. This type of content is accessed by readers only in exchange for their contact information. Case studies, white papers and webinars are great examples of quality content to offer to visitors if for example they agree to fill out a form with their name and email address. This way you know that they are serious about learning more about your services and you are able to provide your team with high quality prospects.

Your website is like a machine that needs constant monitoring and regular evaluation in order to perform its maximum potential. The more functionality your site has, the more you need to ensure that everything works seamlessly. Regular checks allow you to improve your staffing firm website ROI by detecting malfunctions such as broken links, slow loading pages and other irregularities before they cause frustration to visitors and turn them away. Don’t make the mistake of putting things on autopilot, but rather assess your site frequently with a critical eye.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for How to Make Your Website an ROI Champion:

  1. Make sure your website is optimize for maximum performance
  2. Encourage visitors to take further action on your website with calls-to-action
  3. Talk to your accomplishments with testimonials
  4. Use gated content to increase the quality of incoming leads
  5. Perform regular checks to catch malfunctions

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