social media contentIn order to engage candidates and create staffing firm brand ambassadors, you must strive to increase your social media fan bases and distribute quality content that followers are motivated to share. Although there is no way to accurately predict which content is going to go viral, it is possible for staffing firms to increase their chances of making their content go viral by applying basic marketing principles and making wise content choices. In order to increase the chances of your staffing firm content going viral, it is important that you select share-worthy content, evoke an emotional response from your readers, consider all appropriate distribution channels, establish yourself as an industry thought leader and pay attention to trending social media topics.

Be Selective

When reviewing potential content to share, you need to ask yourself several questions. Is this material going to appeal to your target audience? Is the information presented relevant and thought-provoking? Are you posting insights into a new regulation or business practice that has the potential to affect your clients and candidates? Does the content have the potential to save your followers time or money? In order to achieve the goal of creating viral content, you need to be providing a valuable service for your followers and ask yourself the most important question of all: Are people going to share this with their friends and colleagues? If the answer is no, then the chances of your staffing firm content going viral are slim to none.

Provoke an Emotional Response

Most people enjoy making others laugh or knowing that they are helping someone out, so be sure to factor in emotion when designing your staffing firm marketing strategies. The reason why the Ice Bucket Challenge was such a viral phenomenon is that it appealed to everyone and did not discriminate based on geographic location or cultural background. The ALS Ice Bucket campaign also challenged people on an emotional level. People who participated either knew others who were suffering from ALS or had read stories about people who have struggled with the disease. Still others embraced the opportunity to learn more about the disease or to share facts with young children. Staffing firms that attempt to connect with potential clients and candidates on an emotional level and are more prone to create loyal brand ambassadors and increase the chances of their staffing firm content going viral.

Be Accessible

Promote your staffing firm brand by making sure that your content is available, easy to share, and accessible to a wide audience. In addition to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn, make use of distribution channels like Instagram, Yelp and Foursquare. Consider posting instructional content videos on sites such as YouTube, Yahoo video and Vimeo. Search out online forums and discussion boards that attract contributors in your target audience and regularly post your blog articles and other content to those sites. Monitor ongoing discussions to get ideas for future content and be sure to participate in the conversations and give useful advice.

Increase Your Credibility

Social sharing has the potential to exert influence over others or drive people to use services they would not have otherwise considered due to the implied “recommendation” of a trusted friend or colleague. If my friend John Smith is constantly liking Staffing Firm XYZ’s posts and sharing their content, then the implication is that the staffing firm is reliable and recommended by John. Increase your staffing firm’s credibility within the industry by sharing useful information and taking the time to show people how to implement your advice. As part of your staffing firm marketing strategies, establish your firm as a thought leader by compiling content into an e-book and making it available on a gated page on your company website or through a social media promotional campaign. Ultimately, the best way to achieve viral content and to build your staffing firm brand is to deliver high-quality service within your organization and surround yourself with satisfied clients and candidates who are all too happy to sing your praises and share your content.

Pay Attention to Trending Topics

If possible, be sure to capitalize on trending events and catch people’s attention by including trending topics in your content. As part of your staffing firm marketing strategies, be sure to monitor sites such as BuzzFeed, Reddit, Google Trends and Twitter to see what news-worthy issues are trending. Although it is not always possible to include the latest social media trends in your staffing firm content, there are definitely ways to translate a horrendous on-air celebrity interview into how to put your best foot forward when speaking with an IT recruiter. Create enticing headlines and utilize fresh, high-quality images in order to grab people’s attention and prompt them to click on your link and share your article with their friends and followers. Studies have shown that people are more likely to share positive, practical content, so remember to choose wisely and avoid negative content that is bound to turn off readers.

Key Takeaways for Making Your Content Go Viral:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Be sure to select share-worthy content
  2. Choose material that is going to evoke an emotional response from your readers
  3. Feature your content on all relevant distribution channels
  4. Build confidence by establishing yourself as an industry thought leader
  5. Pay attention to trending social media topics

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