How to Keep Your Branding Efforts on TrackYour brand matters. Without it, you are just another staffing firm. For candidates and clients to choose your organization over others, they need to identify and relate with your message. Your brand needs to speak to their needs and differentiate your company’s products and services from competition. Remember that clients and applicants want to work with sales teams and recruiting teams who go the extra mile to meet their expectations. That being said, for your branding efforts to be fruitful, they have to focus on your target audience as well as your own team. In order to build a successful staffing firm brand, follow the advice below.

Know Your Audience
You always need to remember that you are not a jack of all trades. Your services speak to the needs of a specific target audience. Have you determined who the best receivers of your brand message are? If you don’t know, then your branding efforts will be lost in the abyss. As you build your market strategy, keep in mind that a successful staffing firm brand needs to speak to the needs of a target audience. Only then, will your message be heard and your services will be known. When people find solutions to their problems through your company, they will send more prospects your way.

Bring Your Team Onboard
A successful staffing firm brand focuses on all the aspects of the organization; candidates, clients and employees. If your sales and recruiting teams don’t believe in your message or if they don’t give their best to communicate your point of differentiation, then your brand will suffer. To ensure that your entire team is on the same page, hold regular meetings and revisit your marketing approach and branding efforts. Keep in mind your recruiters and sales people are your brand ambassadors, so they are the best source of feedback on how your organization is perceived by candidates and clients.

Increase Engagement
The staffing industry is a very competitive space. To increase their share in the market, staffing firms are moving so fast that they tend to forget the human aspect of doing business. They forget that candidates and clients prefer to do business with those whom they can build strong relationships. A successful staffing firm brand needs to take this into account. Your recruiters and sales teams have to show that they are more than business partners. They need to treat every prospect as an opportunity to establish a solid relationship. The more relationships they build, the more business comes in.

Don’t Let Them Down
Many organizations claim that they are the best to work with, but only a few live up to their promise. Applicants and clients want to work with firms that go the extra mile to find them the best jobs and address their needs. They are looking for partners who are more than words and provide excellent service. Do your recruiters fall in this category? Are your sales people communicating such a message? When your staffing firm creates trust and comfort to the people you work with, then they will recommend you to more people and your brand will thrive.

Keep Evaluating
Numbers never lie. A successful staffing firm brand is measured by metrics. To confirm that your branding efforts work or to determine which areas need more focus, you have look into the impact of your brand. Are your social media analytics encouraging of your market breakthrough? What does your brand mean to your target audience? Are there areas where you need to focus more? Keep a close eye on your analytics and perform regular market research within your target audience to get answers to questions like these.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for How to Keep Your Branding Efforts on Track:

  1. Identify your target audience to have the best results
  2. Ensure that your banding efforts include all aspects of your business
  3. Treat every prospect as an opportunity to establish a solid relationship
  4. Make sure that you don’t overpromise and underperform
  5. Keep a close eye to the analytics of your branding efforts

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