As a staffing firm, you know your sales strategy makes or breaks your business. But do you know how to craft a sales strategy for optimum success? Where are your weak spots? How do you drive sales growth? This blog dives into how to foster a winning staffing firm sales strategy that is sure to drive results. It’s time for some tips!

staffing firm sales strategy

Evaluate Your Sales Team
Your sales team is the face of your staffing firm. Evaluating your team on a regular basis is essential to your success, as your revenue heavily depends on their work. This means assessing not only their technical skills, but also their attitude, and how their personality meshes with the rest of the team. Take a look at their impact on your staffing firm as a whole – what do they bring to the table? Where is there room for improvement? Is your team well-rounded or do you have more of one type of persona throughout the people you’ve hired? These are all great questions to ask periodically to ensure that you have a team that is positively affecting your organization.

Re-examine Your Cold Calling Strategy
While cold calling notoriously has had a bad rap, it still works! The first tip for cold calling is ensuring you have a solid list. Think about your ideal clients to work with and then research similar prospects. An easy place to start is by looking at your current clients.

Additionally, to make your processes more streamlined and efficient, it is important to teach your sales reps to recognize a “no” when it is a definitive “no”. Don’t waste a lot of time convincing – keep it moving and put them in a separate bucket for reach-out.

Lastly, throw away the scripts! We know – this may be scary at first, but with the right training, your salespeople should be able to be consultative on their calls and meetings and should not require scripts Prospects are much more likely to engage with your salespeople if they feel they are being authentic, genuine, and conversational instead of stiff and salesy.

What’s Holding You Back?
Another essential piece to the staffing firm sales strategy puzzle is analyzing your limitations. Do you have a lot of turnover? Are your salespeople burnt out? Are they making promises on things your firm can’t deliver on? Take a look at how you to rectify internal limitations as these are the ones you have the most control over. staffing firm market research tools

Are you ready to redefine your staffing firm sales strategy? Need help getting started? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other sales tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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