In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of your staffing firm brand. We’ve also touched on the importance of utilizing LinkedIn. Today, let’s push those topics together! In this blog, we are providing top tier advice on how to boost your staffing firm LinkedIn brand.

Recent research found that many B2B marketers use LinkedIn to generate revenue, 43% attributing their sales to the social platform. It was also found that 55% of decision-makers use LinkedIn content to determine which organization they would like to work with. With these statistics in mind, continue reading to find out how to boost your staffing firm LinkedIn brand.

staffing firm LinkedIn brand

Create a Strong, Valuable Business Page
Your staffing firm’s page on LinkedIn should briefly describe what your company has to offer along with unique and quality content, which we’ll dive into more later on in the blog. You should structure your LinkedIn page so that it can generate leads. This is done by showcasing your products and services, explaining why prospects should work with you over competitors.

Define Your Target Audience
One of the biggest rules in marketing is to know who your target audience is and to cater to their interests and needs accordingly. Your business page on LinkedIn offers you a great analytics section where you are able to narrow down who is looking at your page and content the most. Once you define that target audience, you are able to deliver quality content that is geared toward that group of people.

Create Useful Posts
Your staffing firm’s page on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to showcase your brand. What better way of doing that than to provide useful and relevant posts? Focus on your content strategy and your target audience to determine what kind of posts you want your company to be putting out there. Remember, you are creating your staffing firm brand through these posts. Your posts should include industry-relevant and trending articles, company updates and events, blog posts, and more.

Post Regularly
We cannot stress this enough! LinkedIn released a statistic stating companies that post at least 20 times a month reach at least 60% of their audience. Posting at least once per day is the recommended amount of posts your staffing firm should be releasing. Frequency is key, so be sure to create an editorial calendar to keep your content on the right track.

Utilize Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are a great way to get your staffing firm LinkedIn brand across a large audience. Sponsored content creates greater brand awareness and generates quality leads. With these posts, you are paying the amount of money of your choice to have your post(s) seen by anyone or by specific targeted groups. We recommend the latter for optimal results. Trust us, it’s well worth the money!

Create and/or Participate in LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn groups are a great way to find like-minded individuals, with similar careers and interests, all in one place. It’s always a great idea to get involved in relevant groups and participate in conversations. This is great for your staffing firm LinkedIn brand, as it shows you provide valuable content and are a thought leader. Your business can even create your own group on LinkedIn! This is great for brand awareness as you are establishing your staffing firm as an industry expert, creating a space to share valuable information and start conversations.

Encourage Your Employees/Colleagues to Connect and Engagestaffing firm LinkedIn brand
Something that is essential for your staffing firm LinkedIn brand is to have your employees and colleagues connect with the company page as well as engage with the posts. Your staffing firm’s brand has a much better chance of reaching a larger audience and getting wider exposure if other employees are liking, commenting, and sharing the valuable posts you are regularly posting.

Your staffing firm LinkedIn brand is very important. The professional platform has a lot to offer, so be sure to utilize all of it’s great features!

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