Are you leveraging your company’s LinkedIn page the best you can? A recent study has shown that over 50% of LinkedIn users become hot leads for businesses they engaged with on LinkedIn. Attracting LinkedIn followers is a challenge, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to boost the number of followers your company has. Take a look at these five ways to increase the number of LinkedIn followers for staffing firms.

Cross Promote on Other Social Networks
There is no harm in asking your Facebook or Twitter followers to take a look at your company’s LinkedIn page and follow you. Google Plus already has a section where you place links to your other social networks; cross promoting social networks is becoming more common and is a great way to increase LinkedIn followers for staffing firms.

Join Groups or Create Your Own
Sharing content with industry leaders through LinkedIn groups is one of the most effective ways to generate credibility and brand awareness. Join groups that discuss relevant industry news or create your own LinkedIn group to start specific conversations that lead back to your services.

Have Your Employees Share Content
Not having employees follow your company or share your content is common mistake that staffing firms make. It is essential for employers to like and share content from their company in support of them. Remember, when people share your content with their audience, your content is being exposed to a wider audience who become potential leads.

Use LinkedIn Recommended Ads
Creating a follow campaign through LinkedIn ads allows you to promote your services to your target audience. These ad campaigns increase engagement with your company’s LinkedIn page by driving more traffic and services recommendations. Each time someone recommends your services, it is automatically shared with that person’s followers. LinkedIn recommended ads are a great way to increase LinkedIn followers for your staffing firm.

Social Share Buttons in Email Signature
Adding social share buttons below every staff email signature brings customers, leads and everyone your company knows into your social sphere. Email is still the primary form of communication between clients and candidates. Remember, email signatures are just as important as email subject lines and the content within the email, as it reminds the reader who you are, what you do, and how else to get in touch with you.

Five Key Takeaways to Increasing Your Company’s Number of LinkedIn Followers:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Promote your LinkedIn page on your other social media networks
  2. Join LinkedIn groups or create your own group to discuss industry trends and share your content to increase brand awareness
  3. Make sure your employees are sharing the content you are posting on your LinkedIn page
  4. Create a highly targeted LinkedIn ad to drive your target audience to your LinkedIn page
  5. Add social share buttons in your employee’s email signature

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